Uh anyone else having this issue? by BladeRunner

I just noticed that sometimes I click on a profile or my inbox and I'll get an error page. Something along the lines of "weasyl is experiencing a technical issue" or something. Anyone else getting these frequently?
Also these spam bots that steal art and try to link to movies are getting...concerning tbh.

Uh anyone else having this issue?


8 October 2019 at 16:11:25 MDT

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    I also tend to run into those errors rarely technical issues or bad gateway), but it tends to be with anything. I'm not sure if it's traffic or just the site being tinkered with.

    I feel your pain with the bots. The best we can do for now is to report them when we see them, but hopefully there's another way to deal with them soon. I'm sure other sites are dealing with the same problem, but the lower post frequency here makes it seem like it's more prevalent.

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      Ah that makes sense. Every site has the occasional bots but you're right: the low traffic makes them more noticeable here

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    I do have that problem. It happens sometimes when you click on something. As for the spambots, they are a big issue. And so far, there aren't a lot of administrators or moderators running the site.

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      there are but the staff page hasn't been updated for awhile

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    Page Time Outs: I've always had this issue. This is especially a large occurence when large numbers of users get sent to the site. <u< It happens more if I share my Weasyl Art Link on a more high traffic place or that one time I wanted to see what would happen if I got an FA ad for my Weasyl in february this year. I always just refresh and site is back.

    Spam bots: They are a pain, but weasyl currently doesn't have any "Moderator class" admins anymore officially as of last month. Those were the admins who took care of the spam.

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      Huh, I wonder why the mods left? Also from what I've read in the previous comments, the staff page hasn't been updated in awhile...so there's basically no one to report the spam bots to?

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        Most likely the innactive site owner. The site cant move forward if there's no one to lead its direction and add in more active admins.

        But I know one of them was also working as an admin in another place, so it was probably too hefty of work load as well.