Pokemon News, 8-7-19. by keirajo

It looks like another of my theories proved right............Regional Variants, as we now have the Galar version of Zigzagoon--with a completely new evolutionary form, Obstagoon, for this particular lineage. It makes sense this was made a Dark-type, though--it always struck me as a Dark-type with the various Dark moves it could learn. Though looking at the design--this was totally KISS-inspired, wasn't it? XD

Weezing gets a Galar forme. I know it's a smokestack, but...........it looks like a top hat, really. XD

And what about that Morpeko, hunh? A "Hangry forme". We're really bringing THAT into the mix? Oh my, GameFreak--what are you guys on!? LOL

I still have not put either game on reserve yet--my local GameStop says there are more pre-orders for Sword over Shield. And that was honestly probably the one I'd pick, too...........except some of the exclusives in Shield I like more.

What do you guys think of the new reveals? The new Pokemon and Trainer-characters? :)

Pokemon News, 8-7-19.


7 August 2019 at 07:31:01 MDT

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    I'm okay with this new zigzagoon, and the evolution line is 100% kiss inspired xD

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      I'm glad it meets your approval! XD

      Now, what about Weezing? chuckle

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        wheezing looks silly, but I guess it's better for the planet since it releases clean air xD

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          At least it's stylish with a classy top hat! XD

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    Oh yeah, it definitely does look like a top hat.... though when i saw it my first thought was it looked like a bong haha

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      You know, given the KISS reference with the new Zigzagoon...............I might not put it past those guys at GameFreak to make such a reference with Weezing. One of my co-workers commented that it's very steampunk-looking. chuckle

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        the kiss references gave me a solid good chuckle haha
        And now that you've mentioned that, I'm never not going to be able to see a steampunk style bong every time I look at weezing oh no XD

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          At least now Galar Weezing shall be totally memorable! XD

          I showed a co-worker and he’s like, “I guess it’s a KISS reference, the stars and stuff.”—I was laughing and said, it’s not just the stars, I mean there’s the TONGUE! And he said “Oh! Yeah, that’s definitely Gene Simmons!” XD

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            hahaha references like that are always pretty amusing cx

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    I like the new Zigzagoon. I'd probably never evolve mine if I ever got one.

    I cna't say I like Weezing's Galar form, but it at least has good enough backstory reasoning as to why it has gross mustaches. It passes due to backstory.

    PikaPurple can be launched into a wood chipper. Can't they make a Pikaclone that doesn't look like Pikachu anymore? That hampster would have been a fine pikaclone if it didn't have a pikachu tail and maybe also.... didn't have pika cheeks? I honestly would have liked the thing better if it was its own standalone design. The heavy referencing off pikachu really needs to stop. mimikyu was fine because it had the craziest amount of backstory and doesn't actually look like pikachu in its real (yet unknown) form. Maril, Plusle, Minun, and Pachirisu are very unique in their Pikaclone designs. So is Togedemaru but its... uh... like that weird ugly cousin with a deformity growing on its back that looked like it should be a tail. Why does Morpeko have the frikken Pikachu tail as a marking? The premise of a form changing pokemon is always cool, but it's so overshadowed by its pikaclone role.

    Still currently not getting the game. Would prefer Shield, but I'm still not being offered anything that I would seem to enjoy in this series as part of the gameplay of it. Me liking a certain pokemon won't be what will get me to play this game, and I still worry about having my hands held through every moment. Sun/Moon series was about as bad as Okamiden. Reasons I played pokemon games was for the puzzles, New ways moves are shown (loved seeing how Thunderbolt looked in each gen), and the Extra non-battling events like Contests or Hideouts/underground! Good chance I'm skipping this game. AH, and they need to give the boy avatars as much customization as the girls especially in the haristyle department. Always so jealous about that.

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      I remember in all my Shinou games, I always kept my Zigzagoon/Linoone in my party, even if I rarely used it in battle. For one, I taught it most of the HM's, so it was my HM-user............but also, with Pickup, as it levelled up it would find some really great things with Pickup! XD Free items for the win! :)

      One of my co-workers, when I showed her the new Pokemon today, said that the new Weezing almost made her think of a steampunk form and I can kinda see that. The dapper mustache and top hat--all we really need is a monocle that kinda looks like a gear and we've got that full-on steampunk look. chuckle

      Yeah, let's not go into Morpeko. I've been ready for years to have the Pokemon series get a new mascot. I just...........have never ever really liked Pikachu at all--as a useful Pokemon or as a design. And it's clear with the knockoffs, they're just trying to garner interest in "newbies" because...............everyone in the world knows who Pikachu is. But a "hangry" forme? Hangry......really? My co-worker facepalmed herself when she saw that. XD

      I still can't make myself pre-order it. By now, I'd've pre-ordered both versions and all that. But my motivation to play it is......................extremely low. I just started playing "Let's Go, Eevee!" and just like Kilo told me, it's so.............dumb and easy. You can see how it's basically Pokemon Go, set in Kanto. I just want to get to Lance and that'll make me happy. It's very hard to get motivated for a new game, given how they're dumbing down the gameplay for "everyone" to be able to play it. :<

      OH, GOSH, YES. Please--let the male avatar character be more customizable if we gotta have customization at all! I mean, frankly, I could do without customization period and I always loved the unique looks of the standard trainers. But now it's like the designs are so generic for male and female since X/Y for the most part--and yeah, male characters get shafted in being able to customize much of anything beyond hair/eye color and clothes. It's like they think guys all look the same and girls are the only ones who change their appearance!

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    I bet the Pokémon/game designers were really hungry (or, hangry) because they weren't given a lunch break, and took it out on the newest Pokémon XD (That was a joke... I really hope they're given enough breaks to eat)

    I absolutely love Galarian Zigzagoon/Linoone and their new evolution! I've always liked Zigzagoon, and have used it once, but it did seem a little dull- this really spices them up! I love their color scheme and the stars <3

    The others are okay... haha I've never been much of a Weezing fan and Morpeko isn't really my cup of tea. I don't hate any of them though!

    The idea of Galar forms is awesome, I did love the Alola forms so it's cool that they're continuing that. And even better that they're including Pokémon who aren't just in gen 1!

    Also Team Yell looks cool :)

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      I think the big thing is that they HAVE finally chosen another Region’s Pokémon to do regional variants for. I’m so tired of Kanto, honestly. I’m tired of the focus on Kanto and the Kanto Pokémon. Yeah, Weedle’s from Kanto, but I’d give up seeing a Weedle if we could have something new and fresh! :)

      People really want the Shinou (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) remake to happen and maybe seeing something made for another Region in a new game might bring that to reality?

      I really hope, more than anything, there’s a good balance of new and old Pokémon in this game. I also hope that the focus we’ve seen on multi-player doesn’t affect the enjoyment of single-player adventure gameplay. Sometimes when games force multi-player, we single-players get left behind. So.....I hope the adventure is NOT short, with focus thrown into multi-player games and gaming.

      It’s nice they’re spicing up the “bad guys” a little. They don’t seem to be evil as much, just annoyances. So it does make you wonder who the villain is, if there’s even a villain this time around!

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        I'm hoping there'll be a great, long single-player game too, especially since I heard you're going to have to pay to use multi-player? So it wouldn't make sense for them to completely throw single-player under the bus. They wouldn't be that cruel, would they?

        Ah, true :) I generally don't give the "bad guys" or the story much thought but I know a lot of people really like the bad guys to be interesting and fun.

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          Let's hope GameFreak doesn't do that. It's fine to have multi-player stuff, but if you want a game to be mostly that, you make a game for that. The games were about catching, raising and training Pokemon--that's not a particularly "group effort" kind of gameplaying. I'm having a hard time now playing "Let's Go, Eevee!" because I actually like going out into fields and battling wild Pokemon to level up--but then, I had problems with that since Black/White where they started cutting EXP gained from wild Pokemon as you levelled up. It's a weird world the gaming community has grown into............but it seems to be so evenly split between "I wanna play with a group" and "I wanna play alone".

          I think the bad guys should keep being refreshed--we can't just keep doing Team Rocket clones. :)

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            Ohh yeah, my partner and I were having some trouble with that too. But at least our Eevee was so powerful we didn't have to do anything to level her up! XD

            Yeah, I find myself at a disadvantage with Pokémon Go because I don't have a group to raid with, so it feels like everyone is getting all these legendaries from raids and I don't get them :/ I've tried finding groups but there don't seem to be any in my city, or they're more secret/underground. I hope someday I'll be able to catch legendaries! Til then I just do everything I can by myself.

            I agree with that about the Team Rocket clones!

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              My Eevee and my Beedrill are the highest levels of all my Pokemon--it is nice you can basically teach the Eevee those special moves (from like that circus trainer in some of the Pokemon Centers) that let you cover move types the remainder of your low-level party may not survive to pull off. Beedrill covers my Bug, Poison and Dragon types too (with Outrage). It will be hilarious to take out Lance's Dragonite with a Beedrill. XD

              I'd wondered how that worked in "Go", because I'd seen all the announcements of Legendaries and Raids, but since I've never played, I didn't know you required a group to do it. But it makes sense. There are a lot of cellphone games that are "join your friends" nowadays.

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                That's true :D Those moves are awesome!

                There are different "levels" of raids, so up to level 3 you can do by yourself. Which means non-Legendary Pokémon. But the Legendaries are so powerful you need to raid in a large group. :(

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                  I just recently captured a Haunter that I’m trying to make better, I’ve taught it all TMs instead of letting it have natural moves—to try and cover the few moves my Beedrill and Eevee can’t. I figure unless the Fighting Pokémon (and some normal ones) have a Dark type move with them, a Ghost-type might be helpful.

                  I suppose it makes sense that the Legendary Pokémon would need special qualifications. Good luck filling your PokeDex with everything else though! :)

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                    Oh nice, that makes sense :)

                    Yeah, and thanks! At least some Legendaries that could only be obtained in raids have been later released as "research" rewards... for example, yesterday I completed a week of tasks and was able to catch Groudon!

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                      It may not do much against Agatha of the Elite Four, but I intend on beating her with Beedrill anyways--to be reminiscent of my original game of "Pokemon Red". chuckle

                      I'm glad that they're doing alternatives like that for people who may not have groups to raid with. I know just from reading that research is how you get Meltan. And didn't they release like.......one of those side Legendaries like Jirachi as a research project recently? :)

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                        Oh wow! That's so cool. Reminds me of how my partner beat Pokémon Blue version with only her Blastoise XD

                        Yeah, me too. I still haven't completed the Meltan research, but I've gotten a lot of Meltan because every time you transfer a Pokémon from Go to Let's Go, you can turn on this thing that makes Meltan appear for half an hour, so I've caught a lot that way!

                        I don't know anything about a side Legendary research project, but maybe it's one that I'm working on! I'd have to look into it xD

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                          My Pokemon party was pretty weird back then--I didn't know how to play Pokemon for one thing and I didn't understand what "types" were--I'm going to attribute it to the fact that I ridiculously over-level things for the reason I completed the game at all. XD

                          Now I've memorized types so hard that I'm kind of a type master nowadays. XD

                          I usually see the news clips on Serebii about things--games, and all that. If you've never looked at www.serebii.net , I highly recommend the site. I see news on it before I get the official Pokemon newsletters from Nintendo! XD They practically have Pokemon Go information on a daily basis on that site.

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                            Haha I relate, I kind of understood types but I also didn't care about having a core team of six- I kept rotating my favorites XD Like I started with Charmander, but sometimes I would switch it out for Growlithe or Vulpix. I knew they were all fire types and I loved my Charmander but since it was my first time playing the game, I wanted to use all my favorites! So instead of six I used... more like 15 Pokémon lol!

                            I like Serebii! Honestly I prefer Bulbapedia though. I just forget to check those sites often ^^; I learn about the news from my girlfriend and various groups/chats that I'm in.

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                              I kinda have a weird mentality of always keeping the Starter Pokémon. No matter what game I play, I never remove the Starter from my party......I guess that makes me like Ash and his Pikachu! XD

                              I’ll have to check this Bulbapedia out. I stumbled on Serebii one day and have relied on the site for news ever since. :)

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                                That makes total sense! I've been that way with every game after FireRed (the first game I played)

                                Bulbapedia is great, it's pretty similar to Serebii in its content. I'm just more used to its layout.

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                                  Yeah, I'm like.........I promised the professor to take care of this Pokemon, so I will! XD

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                                    Awww, that's so sweet! I feel a sense of duty as well XD