New sketch stream at Picarto Later Tonight by MentalCrash

EDIT 2: Stream is OFF, thanks to everyone who showed up at

EDIT: The list is already full! If you're interested in getting a commission I might take some extras during the stream.

Gonna be doing a new sketch stream at Picarto tonight

Will be taking sketch commissions to draw them during the stream, five slots as usual, If there's enough time I'll add more once I'm actually doing the stream, depending on the amount of characters I'm scheduled to draw, comment here if you want a commission. Keep it to one or two characters if possible please, though I may be willing to do three characters on a commission depending on the total number of characters amongst all the slots.

The prices are:

20 USD for Lines Only (Maybe with some colour as you can see in the example) - Example:
25 USD for Coloured - Examples:

The prices are per character, though if some are simple enough, I'll either charge less or won't charge for them at all.

I've also updated my commissions to list the new categories of things I'm willing to draw, you can take a look at it here if you're interested.


New sketch stream at Picarto Later Tonight


13 June 2019 at 04:03:58 MDT

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