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Sketch Durcheinander by MentalCrash

Sketch Durcheinander


Heeeeeeeeeere's a second bunch of sketch from tonight's stream This time it was all commissioned stuff, yet somehow I ended up showing on three of the sketches :V

From Top Left: A TG+Bimbofied character, apparently still not fully realising he, or rather she, should have punched that bag, those clothes are quite big on her now, expect on the chest area of course >3> Myself, performing a Suplex on a Wooloo, what could possibly compel me to hurt such a cute ball of fluff? OMG ;_; Myself, as a HuCow again, this time clothes, but well, it might be the pose, but I'm feeling a whole to pudgier >///> Moo Starring his characters Brittany with her new assistant, formerly male, now having to get used to dress on proper secretary attire. Brittany does seem to be a good teacher, but also gives off that air of no-nonsense, that new assistant better be perfect. Starring his character Eraref, a night elf, age regressed to 5 years old, but still diapered, she's clearly quite happy about it tho :y has been TG+ARed into Tiki from Fire Emblem after touching what seemed like just a replica of the Dragon Stone! Be careful of any game props you may find laying on the street. Myself as a Hogwarts student? Wow woah, I look cool, and be careful since as you can guess I've studied that book I'm holding quite careful, I have a gallery of over a thousand pics to prove it :V was nice enough to let me pick Hogwarts house, pose and expression, but there was just one option, I mean Gryffindors are just jocky types, Slytherins are literal basement dwellers (Their house in the dungeons) who are mainly known for being dickish, and Hufflepuff is the house for "specials", their main treat being that is located near the kitchen, lol. Ravenclaw is placed on the tower, and their students are known for being smart and succesful, nuff said. Abby, from the Days Long Past comic H-exe commissioned from me several months ago, now it seems Abby has found herself the victim of spontaneous Pokemonifcation, I don't see Pokemon Treats Z Crystals or Floating Pokeballs so it does seem to be an spontaneous thing, and she isn't taking it well, poor thing >3>