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Sorry for not posting much! I keep getting into yet another artblock.. :< Trying to find some other things to do but this house is boring and so is my parents..so am bored. T.T
Well hopefully I'll move out at some point.. ^-^; then I'd be allowed to have more fun! ^w^
I find that doing other things besides drawing kinda helps get rid of my artblock, especially day outs! I miss going on day outs tbh.. yeahh my life is boring and pretty much sucks tbh. :( will work hard to succeed my hopes and dreams, at least that's something to do... <=D

You can also find me on Weasyl and Instagram! ()*:

Please do not criticise! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
Pleease be nice when commenting!
Feel free to check out my works too! I work so hard but it's always fun. :3
If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.
That's all for now, thanks for reading! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ



12 April 2019 at 07:02:48 MDT

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    At least you're okay. ouo I hope you achieve your dreams!!

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      thanks! ^-^
      but just now, had a very severe nosebleed.. >.<;

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        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You okay???

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          Yea don't worry about it! nosebleeds don't hurt but they do cause an awful mess :< But it's been sorted now ^w^ I just gotta remember to use cream more often. I'm very very forgetful.. ^-^;

          I was a bit messy cos I didn't catch in time but at least I had a good bath, I needed one after all, heh <=D

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    Gotta recharge from an Art burn?

    Going out is indeed a good way to do that. Helps your brain cool down, while also giving it new things to swirl around in that think pan. You get nose bleeds a lot, too? I usually have to amke sure the tempurture stays around 68*F for them to stay under control, and water myself well if it starts getting bad. Winter is usually the worst when the heater be on and the air be dry.

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      true, true ^-^
      and yeahh I think I inherited from my dad so I've kinda had them for all my life, it's a bother.. :< And I jus googled just now, my family often have the house heating on around 20°C, it gets cold outside but I prefer to stay warm inside :3 btw I'm quite excited for summer and the warm weather coming up, I'm not much of a winter person.. ^w^;
      been out for a fish 'n' chips and an ice cream today, it's so nice to finally get out again! :D

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        Nah, Winter's butts. I'd probably like it more if they made adult sized snowsuits where I lived rather than just 10yr old snowsuits. Can't barely go outside to play.
        I'm so happy spring is here. I love spring in late spring. Its nice to lay outside in the grass. Summer gets too hot for me. Trailers get way hotter than regular houses do, so its too too hot. Still better than winter.

        Fav icecream place just opened up last week. Haven't gone yet, but I can't wait for their burgers!!!!

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          aw :< maybe they might sell adult snowsuits online? I really like colourful things but whenever I do find something like colourful shoes or swimming costumes, it's always only in kid's sizes and I kinda wish they made adult sizes too. :( I guess I'm a bit of a child at heart, in a way I miss being a kid cos I could get away with having fun without people telling me I'm too old.. D:
          Spring is cool! ^w^ I love to sniff all the flowers and stare at bumblebees. I think I helped/saved a few bumblebees in the past. Kinda feel sorry for bees in a way.. But wasps are scary, I run away from them 0-0
          ohh burgers! speaking of burgers and ice cream, it's making me hungry! Ima cook some noodles, I'm a noodle addict XD

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            I'd like to be that small again. I always liked climbing up to grab a plate and fitting into the cupboards. I want to be able to fit into small places.

            I love bumblebees so much. They are great. I love watching them fly around and bump into things. I don't have many bumblebees where I live at the moment. I want to get more purple flowers because they seem to like purple flowers most. Bumblebees are so nice.

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              I think a bumblebee landed on me once and I stayed veerry still, it then layed down and took a nap so I was trying to stay still then I accidently moved a little and I kinda worried I moved too fast that it might sting but it hovered off instead, whew! ^w^;
              I usually keep my distance cos I don wanna interfere with their work but sometimes when I wear colourful clothing, they mistaken me for a flower until I move XD