FurTheMore! Inflatables! Roommates! Life update. by sirkain

FurTheMore convention was over last weekend and had a good time at it. Met a handful of new faces, went to more panels than I have in years as well as helped participate/run one with Fox_E_Wolf and Sparky Vinylpuma for the Squeaky Inflatable panel + photo-shoot. largo-wolf brought his bus to the convention which folks digged. Drank usual EverDew, did usual room hangout parties late at night and had many fun conversations late until the middle of the morning with other furs. The local furry community groups have had changing of the guards who run some and think overall for the better. Hoping this will get all these split up meetup groups to merge/share a bit on their events and get everyone more exposure for the new and old furs in the area.

    The inflatable panel despite starting late went very well. A lot of toys were brought between Fox E Wolf and Sparky Vinylpuma. I brought the KendlalToy and the two PP wolves but left the repaired gen 1 put away. We had PLENTY more toys than we had space for in the room haha. But we had ~30 or more show up and they loved these things. Many asking questions, wanting contact info to groups and vendors to make custom toys…. Was an awesome thing to see. Also did my first pooltoy swap with Fox E wolf of my new gen 2 PP wolf for his skunk one. See how that goes for a month or so.

    Pics and videos of what I took of the Inflatable Panel, the cone, and what others took I was allowed to share are posted on my Dropbox at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/afykjuympww2rxx/AAC_6dkYTMQLiCL_jBoa8OuTa?dl=0

    Later this week, I will have zakrhyno move in. That will bring me ~700/mo in to help towards the utility bills and maintenance on the house. Give me more people to be around I like, as well as hopefully help on the gym/exercise and eating habits to help me improve with. Painted and updated the room hes going to move in and got pics of if any care to see. Guess poke me in a note or on telegram/discord for. In a month or two it looks like largo-wolf will move in as well, which will double the amount flowing in. By then I should be back in good shape financially to stay stable and the house stay in good shape again.

    As for other life updates health has been good. Mentally and physically. I still want to pay down/back more than just the utility and insurance bills like those who are doing ongoing comic projects for me… I am close to doing that FINALLY and I apologize for those of you who read this I have been behind on for a while.

    Earlier went to work on rassah’s plane with him and his mate kuddlkat. The engine is now in it, so they had me go to help them wire sensors and related to it as well as oil cooler and fuel lines. Making them from scratch was something I haven't done since my 2nd college. Was an honor to be allowed to work on his new baby and learn the aviation side of whats cool/not cool to use vs automotive. Pics of the plane from that trip are HERE.

    Stuff with the BF has been OK so far. Miscommunication, mild spats and differences pop up but we still bounce back to being happy with the other.

   All I can think of for now that's noteworthy to post. Hope you all have been well and thanks for reading!


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FurTheMore! Inflatables! Roommates! Life update.


19 March 2019 at 00:49:59 MDT

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    Glad things are finally starting to go better. You seem to lead an enriching life filled with lots of different hobbies; that is respectable.

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    Glad to have bumped into you at FtM, and that you're doing better.