Shout-Outs and Updates by LordDominic

Before I get into anything else, some shout-outs are in order...
First off, shout-out to Uluri Uluri for giving me a warm welcome, some helpful advice for getting re-started here, and just being awesome to talk to in general.

Shout-out to CobraIcarus CobraIcarus for taking the time to draw some gift-art for me:
Always makes me happy when people like my art and characters enough to take the time to draw them!

Shout-out to the few peeps who decided to add me to their watchlist (the good kind of watchlist, not the FBI kind) this week, and the active users that were watching me while my account lay dormant for about 5 years. Respect.
(Also, shout-out to the FBI agent that is watching all my online activity, hope you like cartoon animals in underwear!)

To everyone who's taken the time to leave a comment, or add something of mine to their favorites, thank you!

And finally, shout-out to the Weasyl community for putting up with my borderline spamming of old art--I've got a few years' worth of old art I want to update my gallery with, I'm doing my best not to flood submissions but there's a lot of stuff I want to archive here, just in case.

Out with the old, and in with the... slightly less old. I've finished archiving the 2013/2014 art I wanted to have here. It's really been fun to go back and rediscover my old art, and see what I was doing back then, and how far my art has come since then. I would encourage any artist to do that once in a while, it's so easy to forget about the old art in the deepest depths of your gallery, or hidden away on your computer.

One thing I noticed is, back then I seemed to be having more fun even if my skills weren't always up to snuff, whereas later on I was doing more and more "content for content's sake", which was good for practice and skill-building and maintaining a presence on DA, but sometimes the quality and originality and fun suffered. No wonder I found myself often feeling burnt out... The change of scenery, and taking some time to archive older art here rather than just keep churning out new art, seems to be helping with that too.

Soon, I'll start uploading 2015 art. I'll try to be a bit more selective about what I bring over, since 2015 was the start of my "posting one piece per day, every day" trend that hasn't really stopped since, but not everything was really worth posting... a busy site like DA almost seems to value quantity over quality.

Also, super loving Weasyl's use of Markdown, rather than having to learn HTML. It was a bit of a learning curve, but the moment I realized "this is pretty much how Discord does it", I was good to go! Also, I love those page breaks, discovered that by accident actually.

This site's got some cool features, I also really appreciate blacklisting tags, but I haven't had to use that feature yet. There seems to be less spam, and less floods of fan-art. Not that I have anything against fan art, but I personally get tired of seeing the same few characters everywhere all the time, which is the perfect use for a blacklist, I can temporarily opt out of seeing it until it dies down, or even use it to hide spoilers from something I might be planning to watch or play in the future.

Overall, it's great to be able to tailor your browsing to your tastes, rather than having to wade through stuff you're just not interested in seeing, or might actually be bothered by. Good job, Weasyl! Other sites, please take note.

Enough about me, though... to anyone that's taken the time to read this, what's on your mind? I'd love to engage with this site and its community a bit more. At some point I'll try to do some actual "discussion journals", those have been fun in the past on DA and I'd love to try them here.

Shout-Outs and Updates


16 March 2019 at 14:02:08 MDT

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