Its Been a Year by RamCat

I guess I can write an update journal.
To prove I am still alive?

Living north of Seattle WA at present.
Being introduced to a new area in winter is not something I would recommend.
My first 6 months out here was super stressful, I don't handle change well and the cabin fever/isolation of winter on top of that did not help.

I got a job within 2 weeks of the move at an orthodontic lab doing wire bending.
Sounds good on paper, I got to play with some acrylic and grinding wheels, learned how to solder and weld which was neat.
However after 7 months there I realized it was not the place for me.
Training was extremely slow and management didn't want to hand over responsibility.
Additionally the commute was long and traffic filled.
Aaaaaand I just did not care about tediously bending a wire to perfection around a tooth.

In summer I changed jobs to laser engraving. This is what I am currently doing.
Much more artsy and friendly/relaxed environment than the last job. Plus its super close.
I'm still keeping an eye out, but there isn't much to complain about in mean time save for low wage and minimal benefits.
But pleasant work and friendly environment makes up for a lot.

Over summer I traveled home for AC, and traveled to visit some trade school friends + went to my first concert (NSP/ TWRP) :) And traveled home again in fall to attend a friend's wedding <3
Once Flash got here we did hiking/ outdoor exploring. We went to the Olympic national park which was really pretty. We've hiked up a mountain, done off roading. The nature out here during the sunny season is gorgeous and fun. Mountains are very different from east coast, hah.

I've recently gotten my first desktop computer, that I personally own and isn't my parent's haha.
I can finally start digitally drawing again. So hopefully art will return. Full time job definitely takes up my time, still learning to balance everything.
I've started venturing into the realm of streaming/recording. Currently video games. I think I'm to slow to stream art. If you want to attempt to watch me stream here is my twitch:

Sooo thats essentially it. 2018 was stressful. 2019 seems to be in a better position, so we will see.

Its Been a Year


10 February 2019 at 23:17:53 MST

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