▲🌱Can you... NOT Delete your Galleries? by Uluri

It's basically muddling up the very reason I watch any certain artist, an artist nuking their entire gallery. I have a lot of reasons I really hate this, but before that I will deal with the obvious response people often give me.

"Why not just save art you favorite?" Because I fav artists work for more than just the eye candy. I want to be able to go back to their instance, read the description the artist felt, read comments, and enjoy the moment that was. I favorite art because I want the artist to know "I want to see more like this", but also because I want to keeping experiencing this one while also experiencing the more. Saving an image to some flashdrive isn't the answer for me. It can't save the experience that I watch people for.

Now onto the reason that I really really hate when artists nuke their whole gallery. The biggest thing that I think when this happens was "Why did I even Favorite any of this art then? Why am I watching you if you are going to keep removing everything I like?" Starting New? Who's to say you aren't just going to nuke everything again and again and again in the name of starting new? I've tried watching artists who've nuked their gallery, but they always.... constantly just nuked everything; every last one of them I tried to keep watching. It becomes tedious and unpleasent, and defeats the reason for me to watch someone on an art site. Send your old art into scraps instead please. I Hate New Years on art sites. It's the worst time for this.

"I want to have my gallery display my best work as a portfolio, so I'm deleting the stuff I don't feel is my best." But dear artist, you don't know why everyone has watched you up until now even though you posted sketches, doodles, or fun things? It's okay to have fun with art, and it makes it fun to interact with you, and we can enjoy it with you. If you want your gallery to display your best work send your scrappy art into scraps instead please. I still want to enjoy your experiences, the times you are learning, and the fun you had. Also, it is amazing to see how an artist has grown and changed over the years. It really really is amazing to see that sort of thing. And... the things that you might think isn't the best might seem like the world to another person. 

"I'm moving accounts, so I deleted my gallery." Congratulations, now I have no frikking clue who you are and why I watched you in the first place. Not only that, but now you've removed some free advertising for yourself for new eyes to find your new account. Aaand, my favorites are gone. Lovely. Great. Leave your Gallery up, and put "Moved to ___ " in the descriptions instead, please. (Most account moves folks also change their icon/fursona and replace with 'moved' in their old acount icon, and like... never post any of their old art in the new gallery.) Don't waste the opprotunity to help yourself where you can. In most cases artists only retain about maximum 30% of their watchers from a move. A lot of times it is more like 20%. It's practically none for the people who remove everything or deactivate their old account an hour after they post up a "Moving" journal, because no one then knows what your new account is since they can't read your accouncement journal. 

There's only two reasons I am ever okay with art deletion. One: Site rules changed, and now you gotta remove something to not get banned. It sucks, but can't help it. TWO: A Specific Art or handfulof arts has some very bad memories associated with it, and you don't want to see them again. Understandable.

If you can't tell, I'm starting to get a little pissy seeing every single day one or two artists I'm watching nuking their whole gallery this month. So frikken many. I want them to all stop it, but they already nuke everything at the moment of their announcements. It's already too late for me to express my opinion without sounding like a huge asshole and putting that artist down.

▲🌱Can you... NOT Delete your Galleries?


17 January 2019 at 06:55:08 MST

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    For Weasyl Exclusively, you can Create a Scraps Folder for yourself. :3 It is quite helpful.

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    It is understandable, with the nuking thing. Despite doing this myself, your reasons were founded since it would become frustrating over and over. For me just saving an image was o.k. but I was used to an earlier more static era of the early 00's with dialup internet.

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    I just want to say, you handled this topic far better than another artist I was once watching. You expressed your perspective very clearly and it's appreciated.
    I'm really glad you stated why it bothers you instead of just insulting anyone and everyone. To be quite honest I have deleted a few galleries in my time, for very specific reasons mind you not just willy-nilly, 'I'm gonna just remove stuff.' My first gallery I nuked- wasn't my art. It was art I bought/received from others and I didn't feel comfortable posting that kind of stuff anymore plus I had a huge mental break down.. Second time was my art and it was because of a mental break down too that I removed everything, because I didn't want to be found, I was being harassed over my art. The next was a moving accounts thing, I left it up for a while, never closed the account had a journal and posted a reminder every so often but once I was tired of going back I nuked the art as I am a very paranoid person and didn't want theft or something that once I lost access to the account I wouldn't have control over. (Again, I didn't want to be found by certain people after I had left.) The last one wasn't a nuke, I closed the account after getting bullied repeatedly.

    Tbh I learned my mistakes of deleting whole galleries, I did it out of fear and I let my paranoia and anxiety eat away at what could have been cool takes at my progress, this is actually why this account now exists. My Weasyl is my portfolio now, its where I keep ALL my art from the past few years with the original descriptions, most all of my art doesn't get comments so that's not really a missing element from the reposts but I have a gallery that will always hold my old and someday when I catch-up new art.