2019. New year and new beginning by Jasmine-Redkat

Hey all It's Jasmine here.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy Holidays and happy new year whichever way you celebrated it. :)

I do apologise for making this update few days later after New Year's eve. Been severely exhausted and been unwell few days with migraines. Also my internet in my area was being a bitch for the first few days of new year.

2018 has come and gone and now we enter 2019. For me personally 2018 was kinda meh, with some bad times and depression here and there. But there were some good times to it. Hopefully 2019 will hold more good things. And got some plans I plan to get up to for this year. Such as working out more and keeping fit. Working on more stuff with my art such as ref sheets. I also plan to do more short comics and growth stories in the form of comics to experiment with more. As I want to do more with my artwork and see how far I can go. Or should we say grow with it? ;)

I also have in the plans a comic/story series based on Jackie and a group of mercenaries who get up to action packed exploits I will unveil over time. I will still always love doing thick and hyper, growth stuff. But thought it would be fun to experiment with more as it can give my art a direction I can also take it in.

as some of you probably have heard. My first two Twitch gaming streams have been successful and I plan to do these more often on weekends. Every weekend or once every two weeks depending what I have happening on my end. I do really enjoy doing them and hope you all do too :3 I find it a fun way to interact and be social with friends and followers who follow my stuff.

I do plan to go to more conventions again this year and hopefully cons I can do cosplay at. The cons I will be going to is Confuzzled 2019 in May, Along with Scotiacon. Both I will be dealing and taking commissions at. Speaking of which I will hopefully open for commissions again around June after I take care of any commissions I take from Confuzzled.

For Valentines in February I may do a YCH win a date auction again where you can win a chance to date one of my big curvy girls. And will conduct a poll to give you the chance to decided on who the lucky gal should be to win a date with. A poll which I will conduct on twitter when I set that up and elsewhere.

And me and a friend plan to take a trip to Las Vegas in March for a week and explore the sights and places. Which I'm definitely excited for.

Will be going to yet another annual dinner event with my civil war reenactment friends this weekend down south as well as visiting relatives and will fly back home this Sunday evening.

That's pretty much all for now. More to come soon

Hope you all are well and here's to many more years of thickness ~ <3

2019. New year and new beginning


7 January 2019 at 15:25:54 MST

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    Cool beans; with all of the things that you have planned out for 2019, here's hoping that they lead to even big and better things for you later down the road. =3