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▲🌱I am Not my Characters by Uluri

Hello everyone and good morning,
It's time to have a bit of a talk with you all, since this isn't something I've talked about for a while now. Buckle up and get a comfy seat, alright? I'll highlight the really important parts if you don't like reading a bunch.

Today I want to talk about myself and my relationship to my characters with the main point being that I, the artist, am not my characters. I have my characters interact directly with you all very often, and almost constantly, so I very much understand where confusion can come from. Right now, I am talking to you as the artist known as Uluri, and not a character. I do try my best to make sure I am rather separate from my OCs, especially when I comment or write in my descriptions of artwork by writing which character is talking or if it is myself. My content is in a constant state of Role Playing in other words.

Artist: When I am talking as myself. (Text often not colored, but is Light orange if Uluri is also talking as a Character)
Uluri: When I am talking as the Character Uluri in descriptions and comments.(Text often colored a darker orange)
Sin: When I am Talking as the Character Sin in descriptions and comments.(text often colored a bleh purple)
etc etc etc

I'm going to dive a little bit further, because I feel like I will leave a lot of questions with just that. Sin is not my Persona. Sin is VERY HEAVILY Role played. I will NEVER talk to you as Artist through Sin. Ever. This character has personality and interests that grate against my own in a way that gives me the shivers. If I were to say something through him, it would always have a different feeling than if I said it through myself. Uluri is my Persona, however Uluri is still a character. I will talk to you in artwork as the Artist through Uluri because I find it difficult to talk with only text, but keep in mind that I am not a Slime Transforming Fox Monster that lives in a Vortex Apartment of Mystery and Magic who bathes in honey. 

There's something else on my mind relating to this as well, and that is vent art, but I am not sure how to talk about it. So... Cliffhanger on this conversation.


If you have questions, ask please. I want to be able to answer them. I really don't want to keep people confused. (Although I will probably be slow on responses. It took me 3 days to write this Journal) 

Character Text Colors
▲ Artist  Orange
▲ Uluri  Dark Orange
▲ Sin  Bleh purple
▲ Trace  Lime Green
▲ Kindling  Dodger Blue


▲🌱I am Not my Characters


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    Thanks for this. I should probably write a similar doc when it gets into cosplay/fursuit season again.

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    Interesting, do people get confused with this or are you just putting it out to make sure everything is understood?

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      People do indeed get confused with this more often than you would think. So far I've had to make a journal about this about every two years when it starts to get bad.