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Bleh... by zarathus

I think I have finally lost my art stamina for the first time in a while. A combonation of bad health for weeks, permanantly overcast weather and some other stuff and I am quite unmotivated and possibly rather depressed.

Way too much focus on just one thing.. I usally manage to spend all my time ever on some form of art or another. I know it's good to be able to be dedicated to something, but in its absence I feel lost again. I guess by now, some kind of break would be healthy for my mind. What do? I still manage to do a poor job of balancing my life and priorities..



9 May 2013 at 01:59:34 MDT

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    I know this feeling hun : ( *hugs* According to my experiences which helped me a lot it was mostly long chats with friends, and some hours with MMO games. I've had a really bad health condition last year and I couldn't work on arts for months either. Just take a short break, or rest :3 don't try to focus so much on many things in the same time because it might make you stressed even more :3

    I have skype, so when you just like I'm up for chaties! Take care!

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      Those things would be good for me, I guess. I have neglected socialising much at all, which has lead to a probably unhealthy amount of isolation. Hurr..

      Yeah.. bad health has been a big cause of it for quite a while, I also have some crappy health condition which has had me in generally poor health for the last few years. Makes everything a lot more draining than it should be.

      I am working on methods of thought to reduce worry/stress though..

      Feel free to add me on skype, my username is zarathus.d :3 I am not on messengers too much, but give me pokes if you see me around!

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        Done! :3 Let's just continue there hehe...

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    Oh dear O:!

    Hope things get better soon, not just artistically, but with health, weather, and the like! *sends many bright fluffy things of healing*

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    Just don't forget that art is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not stressful and overbearing. You do whatever you think you need to do to lift your spirits back up. I always find doing some sort of physical activity to get the blood flowing makes me feel better.

    Good luck! <3

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      Have been working on some things to fix that. Beginning to realise again that scribbling out random ideas can actually be fun.. o_o!

      Yeah, I'm trying to get back into hiking n stuff again since that usually makes me feel better. Whenever the weather allows for it, anyway.