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Tumblr Striking Back, Check this. by DarkShadow777

So, seems Tumblr is on a rampage with NSFW artists for no reason, or maybe because of some configuration problems, I don't really know, but, in case this wave of censorship and witch hunt hits me, I want you to know my other places where you can find me easily and see my stuff, as well as commissioning me or just follow and enjoy .

These are all my galleries and blogs where I post:
Blog || Tumblr || Twitter || DeviantArt || FurAffinity || HentaiFoundry || Weasyl || FurryNetwork || Pixiv

And my Stream channels:
Picarto || Piczel

So, keep this in your bookmarks, save it, whatever, specially if you are on Tumblr and you notice I don't post anymore or my Tumblr just went gone for no reason.

Let's hope this is just some error or something, I would find it totally stupid to censor NSFW artists just because they want a kid friendly site... like, just sinking you into anonimity and force flagging you wasn't enough to keep you as their little dirty secret... :V

Have fun!

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Tumblr Striking Back, Check this.


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    Ahh Tumblr. Reminds me of all the FA purges that used to happen every few months until 'Neer sold out to IMVU.

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      Something liek that happened? Wasn't that like an exodus or something?

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        Oh yeah, every few months or so there was another purge of Sonic art and artists. No exodus really happened until Inkbunny was a thing, and even then it wasn't all that many people really.

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    Friend of mine told me that its partly due to apple dropping the Tumblr app from their store over porn bots all people with NSFW were recommended to save their works as NSFW blogs , art etc were all getting purged. One such person that got purged was a NSFW artist called Bigsexyrobuts

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      Yeah, seems so. Apple just dumbing down the internet, as always...