6 Year Stream Anniversary by Zaezar

Howdy people. So remember when I said I don't like posting a journal unless its something noteworthy? Almost forgot to post about this one. Mostly because I am talking about it in-stream fairly often and forget that not everyone joins them haha.

On the 19th of March I will have streamed nearly weekly (at least) for 6 years! Moving from Livestream to Ustream to Tigerdile to Twitch. Lots of fun has been had and many fun times ahead I'm sure. To celebrate this I am having a special stream on the 18th of March doing something that I've never done and maaaay turn into a mistake we will see! I will be doing a Pay What You Want traditional art stream. Throw $5 at me? Get a sketch. Screw it. I have a wall of materials too. Want me to try using a specific thing? It might turn out crap because I don't want it to take forever. But it will be a unique and fun piece so whatever. I got markers, Watercolor, Gouache, Airbrush, INK GALORE, and probably a lot more I am spacing about. Ask in-stream. Otherwise it will be a fairly simple sketch-ink-color system. Oh and I have large paper. Like, 24"x18" that I am willing to use if wanted. Depends on the situation.
Like usual PWYW streams the more you pay the more effort/time I put into it. AND since I know how this goes I want to have a lot of time on Sunday to work on everything. So I am starting 2 hours earlier than my usual time. Expect me to go live at 4PM Central Time at twitch.tv/zaezar
Hopefully we don't have any serious issues. Traditional streams are known to be a bit more fickle if they work smoothly or not. So bear with me if we have any technical difficulties!

This Saffron month thing really isn't working out as planned, huh? I was so ready for this at the beginning and then all these curveballs kept coming. I owe the stream a colossi pinup now thanks to their kind fish donations too. Now this special stream? Hopefully after this week I can dedicate to only Saffron. If not then I am willing to work on her for a good chunk of April too!!!

6 Year Stream Anniversary


13 March 2018 at 23:24:20 MDT

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    Congrats! :D

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    A perfect time and opportunity for me. :>