Two weeks until my birthday! by nh63879

Yes that's right it's just two weeks now until I hit the big age of 30! Man it doesn't really feel like I'm going to be 30 in two weeks time. Got some idea as to what I would love to have for my birthday as a main gift and I do know I'm getting something of a surprise too. Can't think what it could be but I look forward to finding out. I know, and this is just me, that I would just love to have something in the form of a gift pic of Danny my macro husky. But that's just me and I guess I'm thinking of something like that because I see many friends and those I watch getting stuff like that for their birthdays and I guess I feel a little envious in a way.

Anyway apart from that I appear to be having some more technical difficulties regarding my macbook, again! Don't really know what's going on with it. All I know is that it won't start up without cutting out. Even after wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the Mac OS. Might be a software issue or a hardware fault, hopefully with the hard drive. Whichever way I'm taking it to an apple store tomorrow to find out what the problem is and see if it's something that can be done to fix it. So until then I'll still be here and elsewhere and I will of course let you all know how things go. I should hope I can get it fixed and again as I have some important things to work on with it, mainly my macro story and other stuff like music and the like.

Two weeks until my birthday!


13 March 2018 at 08:11:17 MDT

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