So, How've I Been? by RachelTheSeeker

Hey folks. Just wanted to give a couple quick updates, because why not? Gotta have something positive to say, but also have a change on an up-and-rising character of mine; in the latter I level with you, the reader, a bit. ^^;

So last night I experienced the grand finale of a Pathfinder RPG game I'd been in for over a year. T'was an urban fantasy journey, and I cannot sing my praises of my group nor my GM enough. If you're interested in seeing what my character looked like by the game's end, as well as my memoir of such an quest, check it out here on Weasyl --

I'm not sure if it's super-important for a fan rendition of a FNAF character, but I wanted to announce a brief switching of gears for Frankie. She's no longer trans, but is cis female instead. Any instances of her having girl-cock can be summed up to, say, any instances of Rachel or Jori having the same: temporary magical transmogrification for more sensual sensations than a strap-on. :3

The reason I'm changing Frankie to being 100% physically femme isn't because of any sort of bigotry, but rather out of my hopes to show respect for real-life trans folks. I've had one good transgender/intersex character throughout my career. I linked her memoir above. I won't deny that I enjoy 'best of both worlds' bodies on girls, but I also will bear in mind that, even though not everyone wants or needs bottom surgery, there are many transfolks out there who do (and those who cannot obtain such, be it from budgeting, medical issues or even gatekeeping). To have every trans-woman I have possess a shlong seems a flanderization.

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Their sexual organs are of no concern, and trans folks both IRL and in make-believe should be much more than their genders. We all know a character who's overly masculine if male, or likewise overly feminine if female, are rather underwhelming. Frankie's always been a girl, just as my Pathfinder character was. The only difference is that the latter was flat-chested and misinterpreted gender-wise until her self-discovery in her teens... and had been an issue with her much earlier in life than that.

So yeah, not tacking on needless gender associations onto Frankie. For any who care, I still don't know if I'm fully male or if I'm genderqueer or whatever. But right now, I have bigger fish to fry in my life than worrying about transitioning with a lack of dysphoria or desire to become female.

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So, How've I Been?


12 January 2018 at 07:48:33 MST

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