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I Am The Wind... ♪


12 January 2018 at 05:52:41 MST

First off! Wanted to mention that the pose was taken from Senshi-Stock on DeviantArt. The specific picture can be found here -- http://fav.me/d16q2ns

Also, the description of this one is gonna be long-winded. Last afternoon prior to this picture's upload, an urban fantasy Pathfinder game I and my fellows were a part of for over a year had come to its grand finale. To commemorate what will probably be the most amazing tabletop RPG campaign I've ever been in, I drew up my character by the end of the game. Below, I will gush about the Bard herself, Sasha Marie Spencer.

Born as Calvin Martin Spencer, Sasha grew up in a prison-city of sorts known as the Secure Zone. No one in, no one out; no natural plant life about nor skies that weren't gray and cloudy. She found her skill as a Bard in her youth, as well as her true gender, singing karaoke at a bar and grill.

Flash forward to her 22nd year of life. A successful pop singer, but in need of extra dosh, she joins up fatefully with a human detective and a half-Drow mafiosa. In a bar of debauchery, the Cardboard Box, they obtain they first mission in the Zone's underground -- investigate a mob boss's daughter's disappearance.

Turns out, the daughter was planning a terrorist attack upon a military base in the city, but the trio thwart the attempt. But that's just the tip of the iceburg. Spelunking under the Secure Zone in its expansive catacombs, they lean that nature once ran free under the watchful eye of a goddess called the Grey Witch. To restore the city to its splendor, they begin to battle the source of paranormal corruption that inhibits the city's greenery.

The team later meet up with a tengu alchemist named Kaito (a fellow player character), but it's not long before the corruption causes a chain reaction during a festival that leads to the city's law enforcement and the underground's powerful cabal of oppressed psionics-users to wage war. In their race against time, they unlock the city's true natural splendor, inhibited by a megalomaniac psychic who sought apotheosis. With the Secure Zone now returned to the way it was generations ago, it becomes known as Haven and its people are saved.

Sasha began as a vague post-apocalyptic character concept in the past (maybe I'd posted her original art before, IDK). Throughout her journey alongside her companions, she's lost her hands to a malfunctioning pistol, and had them 'grown' back on in cybernetic-looking mitts that also gave her fur its current metal color. She's had a heart-to-heart as the team leader (the half-Drow mafiosa) levels with her against killing others, a moment I'll cherish out of character with the leader's player.

She got her throat ravaged mid-song by tear gas, and was challenged by a satyr exarch of a chaotic god of debauchery to a song battle; after winning, she obtained divine nectar that gave her all nine of the tails shown here and unlocked her true potential. Post-campaign, the GM's ending monologue for her was that she continued on as a pop star for a while longer, but eventually joined that aforementioned god of debauchery as a Muse of sorts (she was essentially roofied the 'Divine Spark' via the Nectar), becoming a demigoddess in her own right.

At the end of the campaign, I couldn't help but feel that the ending theme from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night's English release fit Sasha's ascension pretty well. With the happy ending of our year's time together, I now cannot listen to "I Am The Wind" without experiencing tears of joy...

...through thick and thin, she and her fellows would always win, and she always fought through life or death to save her friends (even without ever killing a person). And she sure as heck faced her destiny everyday she lived, giving everything she had to give. I imagine the second half of the song, before the long outro, would fit as she leaves her mortal friends, with whom she saved Haven, behind.

To my fellow players and GM -- Kiro/"Elaina", Zirnitra/"Alex", Cainhurst/"Kaito" and Hobro (the GM)... thank you all dearly for our amazing journey together. I meant it when I said our campaign will probably be unparalleled to any I'll ever have, and it'll surely be that way the rest of my days.

And as the long goes, "I am the wind, I am the sun, and someday we'll all be one".

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