Sixth New Year's Assessement and Planning by Buck-Aye

Might be putting this together a little bit earlier since I have work tomorrow, but I won't let up the tradition so soon (knock on wood)

Here's the journal from the previous year to compare and contrast accomplishments and shortcomings with:

Reflecting on 2017, it was good at the start of the year, but after coming back from FWA17, it kind of started going downwind, especially with being able to stay consistent with some of the goals and certain guidelines. Wasn't really able to have the right sort of atmosphere in order to put together artwork (too many ppl coming in and out), I just can't draw in an environment where I feel eyes are always on me, and I have tip toe around ppl. I was able make it out to two cons this year, managed to acquire a new fursuit, and one of my tweets was able to hit 1k likes (which is the highest it's ever reached.) But besides that, being "out of sight and out of mind" has also started having an effect on my social circles unfortunately, so getting back stateside with work soon enough will end up helping with building myself back up to some prominence. I'm not one to really lament over friends, BFF's, or shit like that, but I would like to have a social net that I could effectively rely upon when need be.

After the whole ordeal with MFF17, I think I might need to start changing things up, because a lot of the problems with that con involved being reliant on folks that didn't really give a fuck about my circumstances or flaked on me. So here's to aiming for self-reliance next year.

For 2018, I do have goals in mind, but they might be a continuation of some of the previous ones furry wise.

^Continue with artwork, try to get back into a weekly, actually make interesting pieces that I and others will like.

^Make it out to two cons this year, if I'm lucky I'll be able to do one this February and another come upon my move (maybe something in September/October?) Along with this, make them into trips where I can unwind than rather just swinging by and returning back right away.

^To get around with uploading the additional videos I've collected over the years (ie the Karaoke outings.)

^Try and do more outings with my fursuit and other fursuiters, kind of make some more unique videos to break apart the quintessential lull.

^Acquire some better video editing software to be able to make better quality videos.

For this coming year, I feel I might be able to get back into the swing of things to return to some sort of relevancy amongst furrydom in a positive way, but I need to keep my deer rear on guard (knock on wood)~

-2017 was good to begin with but fell down after FWA17.
-I need to make up a lot for what came short for 2017.
-Continue with my weekly artwork.
-Make it out for two cons combined with trips.
-Upload more videos.
-Go out in fursuit more often beyond cons.
-Get some better video editing software.
-Keep on the guard.


Sixth New Year's Assessement and Planning


31 December 2017 at 08:10:03 MST

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