FIfth New Year's Assessement and Planning by Buck-Aye

Looks like another year is going and another is coming Fallow Doe's and Gentlebucks~~

(This is one is probably gonna be a bit longer since it's combined with venting, so hold tight to your racks)

Here’s the journal from last year to be able to draw parallels with

Looking back, two of three of the set goals were accomplished, with the only one lacking being the inability to gather together funding for another fursuit. I was able to make it out to four cons (two of them being AC and MFF) which turned out pretty amazing for the most part, along with making some wunderburl friends along the way; Overall 2016 was really good year me, way better than 2015~

When talking about 2017, I really do not know at this point which direction the year will take, but I know for certain that it’s going to be very pivotal due to IRL events, and how the next decade could turn out for me might solely rely upon what happens during the next 365 days.

I probably mentioned it before, but because I'm far away and other things are starting to take a lot more priority, I see myself going into a period of "Stag-nation." This means I might not be as present with the community as I'd want be, and it'll perhaps continue into 2018 or further depending on what direction things might take for me.

Also, after some consideration, I'm probably not going to be talking to folks unless they have something to aide me with or if I'm approached for conversation; I'm kind of tired of reaching out to only get ignored, it's ran its course for me.

Now for 2017, I do have the following goals in mind:

*To create Flickr account for my fursuiting photo's (and depending on what sort of reception I receive on there versus Twitter and Weasyl will determine where most of photo's will be posted in the coming future.)

*To put my focus on drawing into creating batches of simple sketches at a minimum and at maximum colored pictures, in order to increase my quantity of output for artwork.

*To try and make at least ONE CON for this year, maybe another if I'm lucky another (wherever it may be I can't even determine right now, could anything from FWA to MFF, or even JMoF if the chance comes to past)

*To upload videos containing additional content, from MFF16 and Karaoke videos in order to make up for lost time.

The reason for a contraction of cons has to do with the majority of events taking place back stateside, and because I'm further away, the funds and timing in order to pull off a con have become more strained, and with that I'm more tempted to take trips around in my current local area; but because I have good folks I enjoy spending time with back stateside, it might not really stop me.

As with artwork, I feel like parts and portions of it are lacking, mostly with anatomy and the time it takes in order to make a picture (it really shouldn't take two weeks to a month or more in order to create a picture) so my efforts are going towards just simple B/W pictures focusing on poses, and maybe if the demand/interest is there, I'll add some color to it.

And just to make mention, and it's just a small tingle on my tines, furrydom needs to be on the guard this year, I have a feeling that

S&S to these points
-2016 was stag-tastic.
-Don't know what'll happen with 2017.
-Will make a Flickr and see how that goes.
-Will reduce my artwork to sketches.
-Will post videos from left over content.
-Will try to make it out to at least one con this year if I can.
-We may need to be on our guard this year...
(even more deeper, a lot of will's versus will be)


FIfth New Year's Assessement and Planning


1 January 2017 at 02:17:49 MST

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    What country are you in?

    Anyway, I don't talk much, but I enjoy your content and I hope your next year goes well. =)