Sonic Forces = AWESOME! by PrivateDoomsday

I just beat "Sonic Forces", on the Nintendo Switch, that I recently got, at least a week or two, ago...and it's a GREAT game!

I'm not spoiling any details, though.

Also, I still highly recommend "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WIld"

As for my first character, among avatars? I designed a furry version, of Nei, from "Phantasy Star II". (Didn't turn out as I hoped for, but I knew Sega was on the right direction, in terms of the character creation system.)

Sonic Forces = AWESOME!


16 November 2017 at 05:04:11 MST

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    How forceful is it for the online aspect? Can it be played alright offline?

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      Of course it can! It's not focused on online play, like most games.

      While it does have some minor "internet features", they're just for the optional, daily mission system, and nothing more.

      So, by all technicality, it's COMPLETELY optional.

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        Looking at the original Sonic Channel website, it makes it seem like the game is online focused, so that’s why I ask. XD

        Without a regular internet connection, it’s pretty pointless to play games where they’re forcing you to play online........

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          This game doesn't, so don't worry!

          Also, it's DLC is absolutely FREE!

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            That’s good then. :)

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              Also, speaking of Sonic games...

              I should totally get "Sonic Mania", on my Nintendo Switch, when I get the chance!

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                I enjoyed “Sonic Mania” a lot. It was funny that it took a non-Sega developer to make what may be the greatest homage to the Genesis era ever! :)