Update for October, a little late by sirkain

Been doing OK, money starting to get low again but won't be like this forever. Went to Vegas for half business half personal trip and learned a LOT from the Anderson tax assessment boot camp classes went for. Good stuff. Helped me understand how to plan out my business(es) and my life on how to protect everything. Can now speak dads language on trusts and his corp/llc stuff hes had for years and plan to do so over Christmas holidays while in Kentucky.

Went for vacation mostly to Austin TX a week after Vegas so Rassah could speak at a bitcoin convention. first time seeing such a con and to see him in his brand/world. Gt a lot of respect for my friend and bitcoin guru. Not something I know a lot about, but I am into it some and learning. No I am not a "Bitcoin will rule the world!" kind of person but "Hey its working and its savings yo" kind of thing for now. the fact i got savings at ALL is a breakthrough haha.

And seen some (at least on Facebook?) think I am flying a lot on all these trips to goof off or paying for them. both are false, trust me. Those who have known for me for years know i barely ever flew anywhere for vacations for more than a couple days usually to a con. My best friend and business partner has been very, VERY generous on paying for the tickets so far. One day I will be doing so myself when things are in a better state in the business. One day. Still am happy i have changed life directions. Doctor agrees I am a TON healthier looking since I retired from my mechanics job had for many years.

The November meet that was over this weekend had a good turn out even with the rain killing our fun fire pit and porch time. 20+ showed and saw some old faces not seen here in a decade like :icontails: who had a blast catching up with things on and meeting one of his friends he brought with him. got Sonic shuffle playable and on the new projector in HDMI/VGA. for a system 20 years old man can it still dazzle me. Next go I'll have to force folks o sit down and play that with me and let them enjoy the experience that is sonic shuffle. Friendships may be lost over it haha.

Pans for now? work on the system for our business as far as who is doing what and fine tuning it to flow a lot better for ourselves. Ones focusing more on the getting money for deals, the other on getting houses that may work for said deals. Again a slow, slow process but once we get a system working well, things will speed up and keep on chugging. No having to fly anywhere for over a week at least. then do 2 fried turkeys for any who wanna hang out on Turkey Day here itself. after that 2 weeks to see family in Kentucky, then a 3 day new years party here to end the year with and kick off new one with.

Hope you all have been doing well!

Update for October, a little late


5 November 2017 at 20:33:06 MST

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    Good to hear from ya, buddy! =D

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    I'm glad you're doing healthier, my friend. Keep up the good and hard work!