Not dead by Nevask

I swear I'm not dead. I've 2 suits that haven't been posted anywhere yet, i still need pictures of them. Ive been working a massive amount at my day job, but now my hours have been cut severely again, so i can get back to suit work. I was supposed to be in Florida right now, but a hurricane happened. Currently on a "vacation" right now, but doing suit work to play catch up on everything i wanted done since after Anthrocon. All thats left is 2 pairs of hand paws, and a body suit I'm waiting on a DTD for.

Going to be opening for all commission really soon. With that said, i'll be making a few adjustments to my TOS to accommodate the new opening. Biggest change will be, I'm only going to give quotes during commission openings. I'll no longer offer quotes all year round. I'll be enforcing my quote form, meaning you will have to fill it out in order to get a quote. This will ensure you have everything before you ask for a quote, it'll enable me to quote people in a more efficient way. Quotes are not something to be used "for fun" once quoted, it is expected that you are a serious potential commissioner. Please be ready to put a down payment, or for smaller items to be paid in full. I can't stress that last bit enough, i get asked for quotes all the time then people disappear, or tell me "thats too expensive" after i tell them how much it's going to be. These things are luxury items for a luxury price, don't undervalue us artists, please and thank you.

Not dead


13 September 2017 at 09:54:30 MDT

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    glad to hear you're still kicking! you take that time with your dayjob! staying well supported is important! and having suits but no pictures yet is still exciting!

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      Ive been super overworked, but I'm grateful can get back in the swing of things, been non stop since a week after AC. So much to show, got a few new things too!

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    Hooray for not-dead!