I have a baby lizard! (For reals!) by PrivateDoomsday

Well, the basic idea is, my sister found his egg, within a "Swifter" package. Meaning that, when she found him crawling inside the house, we figured out that he survived, because he hadn't hatched yet.

Currently, he/she is a baby. (We don't know yet, about whether or not, our lizard is a boy or a girl.)

The basic idea is, this appears to be a lizard, who's egg, came ALL THE WAY, from Australia.

And he's currently nice and safe; we even got him/her a decent plastic cage, to start out, with. But, when we get a new cage, we'll be able to see this critter more easilly.

Regardless of this critter's gender, we call him/her "Speedy". (Because he/she is quite fast, for such a tiny baby lizard!)

Another fact about this critter; he/she is also known to burrow underneath the moss, within the cage. XD

I'll try taking pics of him/her later, once I get a new cage, where it's easier to see him/her. But however; I DO plan on taking pics of the gerbils, Ivory & Ebony, soon enough.

Update, from 7/10/2017, on 8:55 PM: The little guy now has a much bigger cage, than his previous one. But, he's still shy. I tried to talk to him often, and still do. He's very quiet, to be honest!

I have a baby lizard! (For reals!)


8 July 2017 at 22:20:00 MDT

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    The little one made a very long trip and lived! :)

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      Indeed! And it was from BEFORE he hatched!

      He's currently very shy, and is often known, for burrowing under the moss, within the big cage, that me and my bro, recently got him. He was even quite shy, when I first met him!

      I'll try to take pics of him, later. After all; I want him to get used to me.

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        Good idea..............you don't want to stress him out too much! :)