Interest in Animations? by Zaezar

So I have been experimenting with animations in my stream lately. My music ticker stopped working so I made a couple things to fill the void in my life, er, stream. What is the general interest in super silly and short animations? These are what I have made recently if you are interested: (I couldn't upload a preview for them for some reason, but you can click on them there to see it)

I am thinking like $15-20 for one depending on a couple factors that I am still ironing out. I can only make them a second long, and they have to be simple stuff like the "Blah!" or whatnot. But its not limited to just those few ones there. So I would be open for other styles if you want one. I even have an idea of one just spewing rainbows off the screen because why not. Ideas? Interest? Opinions? I could even make a different version for icons. But I would need to know FIRST that it would be used as such. These are not too easy to resize!

And how are you all doing lately? It been a while since I asked you all that :)

Interest in Animations?


20 March 2017 at 14:16:52 MDT

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    Never underestimate the appeal of spewing rainbows. ;)

    It's the same-old-same-old here.......can't wait for vacation and "Persona 5" though! :D