A Few Digimon Questions... by PrivateDoomsday

1: Which digimon is your most favorite?

2: Which digimon do you find the most ADORABLE? (Perhaps by level, as an example?)

3: (OPTIONAL) If you had to have a crush on any kind of digimon, (at least if you WERE one) which would it be? (Example: Guilmon, Renamon, Gatomon, Veemon, Ranamon, etc.)

P.S.; keep it clean and SFW, or otherwise, I'll block you. Nothing personal, here, except that I wanna keep this SFW. (Keep your comments NOWHERE beyond the PG rating, and NOTHING DIRTY!)

Here are some answers from myself, as an example.

1: Veemon (By far; AT LEAST up there! Not only is he ADORABLE, but he looks AWESOME! He's also got a charm, that I liked ab out his appearance, since I first saw him!)

2: That depends. Among Digimon, with NO identified level, I would OBVIOUSLY have to say, Calumon. (Hey; he's so adorable, that you just wanna HUG this little guy!)

3: I dunno exactly. Though among these "spirit digimon", I can imagine being charmed, by a Ranamon, or something! (One that ISN'T evil, of course! XD)

A Few Digimon Questions...


18 March 2017 at 18:13:32 MDT

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    1), 2) and 3) Gomamon

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      Thanks for letting me know!

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        You're welcome! :)

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          BTW, I found it HILARIOUS, at the moment, where Gomamon was at the girls' side, of the hot spring, by accident, in the anime!

          How embarrassing! XD

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            Back when I was on FA.......I did a "joke drawing" of a gijinka-Gomamon in a nurse's outfit helping out Joe. XD I don't think Gomamon really cares much about a gender! chuckle