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Moving and Starting a New Life by Zeta-Haru

Heeey! What's up ^^

In my previous life update journal I mentioned that I was going to announce something quite big, and that is that I'm in the process of moving, this month had lots of paper work, planning, packing, organizing and putting effort irl in general. It wasn't just for me but for my boyfriend as well, mostly for him because we will be living near where he lives right now. I will be moving to another state basically.

We will be finally living together! We dreamed with this moment for a long time and it's going to become a reality soon. Where should I start, oh boy...

We are together for over 3 years and during this period, we only met each other irl 3 times, our distance is compared to the country of the US coast to coast and it was really expensive to fly there. After a long wait, the right moment finally came, and we're ready and able to live on our own, together.

I can't express the freedom that we're feeling, it's like breaking chains, chains that were hurting and keeping us away from each other. Feels like I'm finally going to start my life, you know what I mean?... It's like I've been hiding who I was and living a temporary life while I waited for the moment to come (It was mainly because of the complex of hiding my sexuality but I'm slowly working on this <3).

I apologize for being almost ghost-like during this period! The whole process was very stressing and tiring for the both of us and I wanted to tell this only when we were 100% sure it was going to happen. This also means that we'll be extra busy at the start, while we're getting set and used to the new routine and life, I'll have to buy a new chair, desktop/table to work on, etc. I really really wanted to say sorry and explain why the things were slow and weird lately (Usually when I take a break on tweeting, is because I'm either busy, feeling stressed, or sad and I don't think it's worth sharing because I know I will get past that).

But it's the the best moment in my life and I'm so happy that I'll finally have my love by my side!! ;A;
I'll be taking my flight next week and I'll try to keep you updated on twitter, but I'm sure you'll notice an increase in activity soon and that will mean I'm set and already working.

Thanks for you time reading the journal and thanks for supporting me even at dificult times. See ya in the next update or post!

Moving and Starting a New Life


11 November 2016 at 15:46:34 MST

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    Congratulations on Liberating yourself and best wishes as you move forward

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    Happy for you! Kudos!!!!

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    That sounds super awesome! Glad to hear that awesome news, and congratulations to you both! ^^

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    This is very heart-warming to hear! :-3