RANDOM GERBIL NOTICE!!! by PrivateDoomsday

I definitely have SOME good news, to share;

My gerbils (Ivory and Ebony; both male) are doing fine, as always! Thankfully, they're back in their primary cage, since I got it fixed!

Also, they're definitely adorable! Here are some adorable things, that they did, previously; some of them are quite silyl!

= Sometimes, when I talk to them, they stand on their hindlegs.
= One time, when Max (my austrailian shepherd) was looking into the cage, Ebony stomped his foot repeatedly, while squeaking, at him; probably as his way, to try and get him, to back off!
= I previously saw them both at least once, climb up the cage's walls. (I bet THAT'S where the wrestling leagues on TV, got the inspiration, for cage matches!)
= Sometimes, when I ask if they want to be petted, I put my hand nearby, and they walk up to it, to be petted! Sometimes, they quickly move away from it, as a way of being playful!
= One time, when I was feeding them cream cheese from a spoon, Ivory himself, was the one who grabbed onto the spoon, (with his front paws) and put his head near it, while eating out of ti!
= While it's nothing special, sometimes they go on the little gerbil wheel, for exercise!
= As for Max, (my dog) he sometimes likes to watch them, like it's TV for dogs, and he's really entertained, by it! XD

Update, from 8:19 PM: I plan on taking some pics, of my gerbils soon, but after that, I plan on using an HD digital camera, to record my dog's reaction, to the gerbils, in the bedroom! XD



15 October 2016 at 12:53:00 MDT

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    That's so adorable!!! :D

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    Gerbil wrestling sounds fun! XD

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      OMG, THANK YOU, for sharing this hilarious comment! I've been thinking the SAME THING, for cartoon humor! XD