Good news and bad news, as of 9/2/2016 by PrivateDoomsday

Tonight, I've got both good news, and bad news.
To start off with the bad news, (though not necessarily THAT bad) I have a kanker sore problem, that I need to fix. (And not to worry; my mom said hot salt water works, and it does.) Also, I am going to soon shut down and disconnect my computer, but I'll still provide my contacts, for others. The reason why is, I'm going to sell my old desk. (I also won't be on Steam, after I shut down my computer.)

The good news? My gerbils seem to be doing just fine, and also, I'm going to work on the Wii USB hard drive mod, after I manage to get the right kind of SD card, for this method! (Because my Wii's disk drive doesn't work too well, and I seek to get some money, to obtain the right amount of memory.)

In other words, today is okay! If I manage to get the opportunity, (on another computer) I shall TOTALLY check some updates, on FurAffinity, and Weasyl!

Good news and bad news, as of 9/2/2016


2 September 2016 at 19:02:15 MDT

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    Hang in there...and enjoy your downtime from the crazy internet world. :)