Just disassembled my 3DS XL by PrivateDoomsday

Today, I just petted both of my gerbils, Ivory and Ebony. I also managed to disassemble my Nintendo 3DS XL, of which was REALLY falling apart, yesterday!
But, while it may have at least BEEN broken, at least the screens appear to be in good condition. Now that you mention it, I might consider using the screens, from it, to make portable game devices.

[u]Finally, I want to ask anyone this; if I were to rebuild a video game console from this list, (from if it's disk tray starts to not work too well) into a handheld, which would you be interested, in seeing?[/u]

= PlayStation One / PSX
= PlayStation 2 / PS2
= Sega Dreamcast
= Nintendo GameCube
= Nintendo Wii
= Microsoft Xbox

Just disassembled my 3DS XL


1 September 2016 at 20:30:40 MDT

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    ps1 and 2

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    I'd probably say Dreamcast...it was a system that didn't get enough love. :)

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      Not a bad suggestion;

      The Sega Dreamcast DID have a LOT of potential! But sadly, it was a HIGHLY underrated video game platform; even when consoles, like the PlayStation 2, came along.

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        There are games on it that I love...I prefer the Dreamcast's version of "Grandia II" and I prefer the Dreamcast versions of "Evolution" 1 & 2 (the GameCube compiled edition was edited). :)

        Plus the VMU was genius! :D

        I still get my Dreamcast out every 9-9 to celebrate its birthday. ;)

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          That's nice to hear!

          And you're not the only one with a Dreamcast...I ALSO OWN ONE!

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            I actually still have an in-package VMU. When it was on the way out...I bought a second controller and more VMUs. I've backed all my data to multiple VMUs. XD

            Yaaaaay!!!! :D

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              I see!

              Also, speaking of the Sega Dreamcast, have you ever played "Cannon Spike"? It's a truly great game, for that platform!

              It was also released, in arcades.

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                I haven't heard of that one!

                I have a couple of the rare or odd ones, like "Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern" and "Record of Lodoss War". :)