Oddness...(furry) by r-a-blackpaws

My FA account has been cleaned out (by me)...there's nothing in my gallery (again, me)...I even post on my profile I've moved to Weasyl...
...yet I STILL get FA watchers????

BWUH?????? o.O



30 May 2016 at 09:35:35 MDT

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    possibly just furry wierdness, possibly IMVU bots to make the site seem like it has more users than it does.

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    Yeap, I have the same issue (if you want to call it that) over there as well. I can go weeks, even months without posting any commissions in my gallery? I STILL get watchers! And the odd thing is, they never say anything or their accounts are seemingly blank, save a few faves and watches here and there. It could be random, though I know there are people on there that like to "collect" watchers: they try to watch as many people as they can for the sake of doing so or having a large watch list.

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    Some people probably don't stop long enough to read a notice in a profile. Still, the comments I've read for this journal are something I'll keep in mind with weirdness of the net.

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    There's a lot of people who just add watchers cuz there's that whole "FA popularity" thing and it goes by how many one watches XD

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    I've always been perplexed at how many people have watched me, yet these mysterious people have never attempted any sort of interaction..

    Maybe they like your avatar? shrugs dunno.

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    FA can be a fickle thing, FA watchers can be even more so. :P