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And we're back by Sixel

FA is back up, with it the reminder that other platforms need to be utilized if we don't want to feel burned by outages.

As I've mentioned before, posting work feels like pulling teeth to me, currently FA and sometimes twitter have been the only places I've been posting. I won't be exodusing, but weasyl is a platform I'd like to see become a bit more active a community - and since lack of favs/comments or views doesn't really phase me here I'm making the commitment to post every day or so to update this gallery - because flooding is too much work.

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And we're back


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    It's nice to see you around in any case! :)

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      Thanks Feral, I've been too lax on maintaining back up galleries. Weasyl reminds me of SheezyArt back in the day (I site I really liked as an alt to DeviantArt) so it's definitely got a soft spot in my heart.

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        I really like it too! I wish I could be more productive with my art again to help make the community more active. :)

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          Weirdly I find the best way to attract an audience is to post regular, it doesn't even have to be grade A content just something. I try to remind myself that when I groan about not wanting to post work I've already finished for clients.

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            Yeah, it's just life and mental health getting in the way for me. Not motivation.

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    Glad to see you'll be around here. It's a nice site and got a real nice layout even if the community is a bit less active. Had no problems so far here. If you were looking for another place to upload you're work that Furrynetwork seems pretty neat and I saw they had a gallery transfer for FA. Think they maybe looking to add one for weasyl and another furry site. Seems like a really great feature.

    Welcome back to Weasyl! :3

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      Think I had a beta key for FurreyNetwork, but honestly I like the feel of this site more, I know I need to check it out more in future, for now I want to concentrate my efforts on twitter and

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      • weasyl as my alt accounts.

      Thanks for the tip though!

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    I'd love it if this site gained more speed, it's pretty nice!

    Also lol it's always so fascinating whenever FA Does A Dumb and It's a Big Surprise Always. I know it'd suck for a lot of people but I often wonder what would happen if it actually went down for good. Which place would become the "new FA" or if the whole community would collapse somehow in a Furry Apocalypse.

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      I'm currently trying to be the change I want to see, commenting and faving on this account rather than just dumping art, still not 100% used to the site.

      Yeah, not sure who would take over, I know a lot of people favour FurryNetwork, but I'd rather stick with here and twitter. I don't think FA is to blame for this recent outage, but knowing that it is a target for this kind of attack means I'm not surprised when this stuff happens.

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        Oh absolutely! I try to leave more comments here instead of lurking like I usually do.

        Yeah this particular issue was due to some other software with a crazy vulnerability (I can't believe someone passed the code around at a con, though, holy heck, what a donger). FA's always had pretty notoriously crummy code all the same, but hey at least they keep decent backups for when the doody inevitably hits the fan, lol