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Updates by IrkinGIR

Hey guys, have a few things to bring up, so without further adieu...

Ongoing Commissions I owe:
My apologies for taking so long guys, your pieces are still being worked on and hopefully will be finished soon. The reason for the delay is basically a combination of balancing projects and my depression acting up. I'm in a better position now, so progress has picked back up after weeks of feeling like shit. Again, sorry for taking soo long, and thank you for your patience with me.

Wanted Series:
After talking to a couple of close friends, the next Victim page will be be the last one for awhile. Now, the series isn't ending entirely... but my interest has been wavering on it for awhile now, so following the next entry it will be going on a hiatus for awhile. Technically this is good news because originally it WAS going to be the finale, with an added epilogue of the character saying goodbye and more or less establishing there are two separate Izzys, not all the same guy, etc. But AGAIN, after talking about it with a couple of people, I was reminded the Wanted series started from my desire to tackle obscure and overlooked characters for fanart (or in this case, tickle fanart), and convinced it better to leave it alone with the possibility they may be more in the future than ending it entirely. In the meantime, there's still this old journal made of characters I considered tackling before if you haven't seen it/interested -

Upcoming "Choose Your Adventure/DnD" type project:
While one project is ending, another begins. Since late last year I've had an idea for a project to both keep the IrkinGIR accounts going, while also giving you the users/watchers the chance to help assist in the progress of it's plot. Like those whole "choose your adventure" books or even a little like Dungeons and Dragons, the project in mind is a series of short comic entries with each end giving a series of options that you, the viewers, will vote on how the next pages turn out. Sometimes the option chosen will progress the story, and sometimes it leads right into an ironic fate resulting in a game over/refresh from the last safepoint. Think the death animations from the Dragon's Lair games, but instead of violence it's... well, you know~ XP

That's all for now. Until next time guys.



29 February 2016 at 01:35:48 MST

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