Further Confusion 2016 Meme by farorenightclaw

Two memes in one day! The big bunny did it so now I have to, too.

The Hiton!

I live about 10 minutes from the con! I am always here. <=Cassio's answer. I live with her so.. yes.

Means of transportation
Cassio's green box of a car!

Sharing a room with
My room: CassioBunny CassioBunny hailbop hailbop and AGCB AGCB. Other two rooms in my group: Ikani Ikani Visky Visky Midori8 Denimwizard KesKitsune Draekos Draekos and Kali.

Who do you hang out with?
Will probably spend a lot of time with people in my hotel group, but I'll be around and be happy to spend time with just about anyone, if I'm not busy!

Masculine agender.


Relationship Status
Polyamorous (Cassio and Hailbop and a few play partners).

How old are you?

How tall are you?

Are you an Artist?

Do you have an artist table?
Yep, I am table 42 in the Dealer's Room.

Do you take commissions?
I do!

Do you do trades?

Are you a Fursuiter?

Attending parties?
If I get invited, maybe!

Do you drink?

Can I buy you a drink?

Do you smoke?

Are you attending any panels?
I will be running one! Full Time Furry Artist, on Friday at 1pm!

Stage or public performance?

How do I identify myself to you?
Introduce yourself and tell me who you are! Maybe describe your FA icon if you comment regularly and your name doesn't seem to ring a bell.

Rules of engagement (physical contact)?
Always ask first.

How can I find you?
Come to my Dealer's table during Dealer's Room hours, come to my panel, look for my costumes (Mettmut the jackal, a WildGasmasks black-and-red jackal mask in dapper clothing and big boots; Charcoal the caiman, a black-and-pink-and-yellow crocodilian partial by Takumori/Scaleworx; may also be in Ikani's Canterbury, the plush armadillo by Suit-A-Dile - if it's me, he'll be wearing a brightly colored bandana around his neck), or just look for me around the con or out front smoking: short, fat, red-and-gold mohawk, blue argyle glasses, leather cuff on one wrist and blue rubber snap bracelet on the other, probably wearing a shirt with some sort of gender commentary on it (or a big black or grey hoodie).

Can I talk to you?
You sure can!

Can I give you lots of money?
Sure! If you want something in return we'd better discuss it first, though.

Can I give you stuff?
As long as it's not poison!

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Can I come to dinner with you?
As long as everyone else going is okay with it too! Just ask first!

Can I hang out with you?
Probably! Ask first in case I'm busy.

Can I take your picture?
Ask first! Unless I'm in costume in which case just go for it.

How do I know if you're not looking to socialize (angry, busy or upset)?
If I'm not actively in tears or telling you 'Sorry, I'm busy right now, I gotta go', I'm probably good to socialize.

Personality Type?
A weird mix of shy/anxious and loud/outgoing. I'm pretty good at meshing well with most groups, and I like helping people. I tend to be pretty no-nonsense when something needs taking care of, but other than that I'm generally fun-loving, silly, talkative, and friendly.

Any goals?
MAKE LOTS OF MONEY. Make sure that the Art Track programming runs smoothly. Have people enjoy the badge and t-shirt art I'm doing for the con. Draw fun things. Meet fun people. Costume a lot! Possibly stick my head in a dance, maybe in costume also. Spend time with friends! Generally, just have a good time.

Further Confusion 2016 Meme


3 January 2016 at 22:06:02 MST

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