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Rob Cat


22 December 2012 at 21:33:09 MST

Rob Cat
Less than a year
Male (technically genderless)
Plushie (Bobcat)

I've wanted a plushie character for as long as I've known they're a thing, but have never really gotten around to designing one. I'm not a big character creator. I've maybe made like... 5 OCs in my lifetime. I don't know how much use he'll get, but I like him a lot already.

Anyway, this is essentially all because I watched Ted and was like, "I really like the idea of a pissed-off stuffed animal character DANG."

And yeah.

He's one of those shitty, cheaply made stuffed animals you see in those claw machines at the bowling alley or supermarket. He's supposed to be a bobcat, but you can barely tell what species he is because the manufacturers barely know what a bobcat is even supposed to look like. Also, it explains the obnoxious colors.

Anyway, he's owned by some ditzy college girl that drives him nuts (in a couple of different ways) and he's basically just really over existing in the first place. I'd assume he lives in a universe where Toy Story rules apply--can't move around freely when there are humans around, doesn't eat, ect. I like to think she gave him some stupid, obnoxious name like Mr. Whiskers, but he goes by Rob (not that it really matters anyway lmao).

He's just really pissy and a negative Nancy 25/7. That's about all I got right now.

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    he's owned by some ditzy college girl that drives him nuts (in a couple of different ways)

    drives him nuts (in a couple of different ways)

    (in a couple of different ways)


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      p.s. fantastic colours yeS

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    I love this. You should at least do a little 4 panel comic for him. He sounds interesting, and I feel bad for him already, ha.

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      I have a couple of ideas with him already, and his design is simple enough to where it'd be pretty easy to do something with sequential art. I might have to try that haha.

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    If you squeeze him too hard, does stuffing come out?

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      I would assume so. He's pretty cheaply-made so I'm sure it wouldn't take much. That's very unfortunate for him, really. :3c

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    Gawddamnit now I have ANOTHER fucked up in the most epic of ways character I want to draw!!!

    I shall give you really crappy jeans to go with that crappy attitude of yours, mister o3o

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      He's kind of a huge whiny jerk with dick envy. Could be worse, but he'd definitely say otherwise.