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28 October 2014 at 22:12:42 MDT

Angora rabbit

As mentioned in the image, Mayvena (or May for short, or Mae, since I'm still not sure if I want to spell it with a y or e) loves snow, sweaters (she makes them herself from her own fur), daydreaming, reading, mornings, ribbons, adventures and hugs. Also, all the hair clips are necessary to keep her fluff tamed. Without them, she poofs right up. I will be drawing this at some point. XD
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I couldn't help but notice a small number of angora rabbit characters in the fandom... and the ones that do exist seem to be severely lacking in fluff. So I got the urge to fix that myself with this fluffball.

Mayvena is going to be another somewhat personal character of mine... add her to the pile I suppose! I have had several pet bunnies throughout my life and have a special affinity for them that I don't often talk about. Their gentle nature, physical/mental fragility, thick soft fur that always has a delightful warm scent, wiggly widdle noses... they're just so precious to me; when I see them I turn into mush and just want to cherish and protect them... much like deer and other quiet, shy little forest creatures. ;n; I always wished to be small and precious like that, as I often feel small and fragile inside... a side I try to hide to protect myself but love LOVE to expose fully with loved ones. There's nothing that feels better than knowing you are around someone you can fully trust and share that vulnerability with.

So yes, this extra-cushy fluffball will be shared mainly in art with my girlfriend's new equally-fluffy samoyed gal I made for her, of whom you'll see at some point in the future. :3

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    What an adorably fluffy creature <3

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    oh my gosh she is so friggen cute esplode

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    love her so much. <3

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    She's cute. I saw this and before I read it I thought.. "Angora Rabbit?" I love these guys, but man there is so much work into taking care of them.

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    She's cute and also extremely curvy.

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    There are not nearly enough angoras out there <3 She looks just lovely, down to her sweet little face!

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    So very fluffy :)