Lauren Rivers - Talwyn Master of Water by LaurenRivers

Lauren Rivers - Talwyn Master of Water


2 March 2014 at 15:00:47 MST

Lauren Rivers - Talwyn Master of Water
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Physical Description: Standard zebra markings, 5’6”, no facial stripes and a distinct diamond shaped mark on her forehead. She possesses blue streaks in the front layers of her hair. Her standard outfit is brown with gold highlights, representative of her status as a master of water. She has green eyes.

Biographical Data:

Raised by her adoptive mother, Madeleine Rivers, Lauren never knew the genuine identities of her parents. As a young child, Lauren displayed a notable curiosity towards the craft, which was the ability of her people to use crystals to create effects upon the world around them in twelve distinct styles. It was noted that she shared a particular affinity towards water, and at sixteen she was recorded as having a minor level of natural control over water when a spilled drink followed her hand along the surface of a table up an incline. Sponsored by Lucas, a male ferret, he insisted she join the Academy. For obvious reasons, he recommended her to study water.

At eighteen, Lauren was selected to be one of several candidates to train directly at the Tower. She was hand chosen by Lucas to be his successor, trained in combat as well as peacetime uses of her powers. Tests displayed her control of her channeled powers to be highly developed, registering impressive results consistent throughout her training. When fully focused, she was able to manipulate enough water at once to affect nearby weather patterns, though to do so drained whatever crystal she was using and it was often hard to control at this level without a master’s level of skill.

At twenty-four, Lauren was formally named the next person to control the water discipline. With the probability of war becoming more and more likely, her training in combat was increased, much to her dismay. Preferring to avoid violence, she did as instructed. Her mentor showed her the Vault, a room in which they kept all of their most dangerous treasures, in case something should happen to the Tower. Later that evening, Lauren discovered a man attempting to remove an artifact from the Vault, whose identity was left a mystery.

On the final day of the war, she was present in the Tower along with Isabelle Sheridan and Bennett Walsh, then the leader of the Gravity discipline. The building was attacked, and she along with the others retreated from the city.

Three years later, she emerges from concealment upon learning that a Keystone, an object of immense power, has resurfaced in their home city of Vanskar.

Personal Statement
"My name is Lauren Rivers. I never knew my parents. When I was six I was adopted by a kind woman named Madeleine who raised me as her daughter when she had no reason to do so. Her kindness and strong will made me the person I am today. We lived in a coastal city in the Talwyn nation where every day we enjoyed a quiet peaceful life.

As a young teenager I learned I had an affinity for the water discipline of the craft. My mother saw to it that I was given the opportunity to apply to the Academy. It was to my surprise that they chose me and I was given my first choice for the water discipline training. My aptitude for the water technique caught the notice of the Talwyn master of water who selected me as his successor.

I could not have known that when I would succeed him as the Talwyn master of water that everything would change. A short while after I accepted his position and title a war erupted between the Talwyn nation and nearby Ashur. I was tasked with keeping our people safe and rebuilding our forces so we could liberate our nation when the time was right. While it has always been the job of the Council to protect the people I doubt anyone could have foreseen what's happened since then."

Character is   laurenrivers
Art by   jameless

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    Lauren is easily one of the most recognizable characters out there and easily one of my favourites ^_^

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      I appreciate that so much, more than you know. :) I tried to make her simple yet distinctive, and at the time I didn't know anyone else that had used the blue black hair combo. Now I see it more often, but I'm still the only zebra with it.

      I only wish I were as gentle and graceful as she is. :)

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        Making a zebra distinctive is no easy task, but the blue/black hair pulls it off a lot. Along with the little diamond on her forehead :)

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          I also decided I wanted no facial stripes, which I think really has her stand out. Most zebras have them, but Lauren has the mostly white face. :)

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    You'd look still better without all that heavy clothing. <3

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      My uniform? :)

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        Those stripes are all the uniform you need, you sexy thing you!! <3

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    I like the outfit. I've never seen it before and it wouldn't seem tacky on a model.

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      Really? I've used it for quite a while, it was what I got when I asked for functional and sexy, and I like it. :) It seems very me. :)

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        So what do you wear on your real male body every day?

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          If I'm not at work, jeans and a t-shirt.

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            Sounds like me. Common but popular choices. I go for jean shorts or athletic shorts in the summer to go with my t shirts.

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    Hah! Weight: None of yo business.

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      You know you never ask a lady her age or her weight. :)