Ember-Echoes-Brightly by Sparkyopteryx



25 February 2014 at 17:29:50 MST

Somewhere around 30 or 40.
87 lbs.
Former Din'aree ("catfolk")

Character reference sheet

“By Spirit, Flame and ray of Light, by divine rebirth you shall no longer want of the sky or the Axis. Now, this sacred flesh will forevermore be touched by the presence of the Sun Moth, She Who Flies Silent. You are Dawn, who will merge with Dusk. You, who will wander and accomplish the impossible.”

“Oh, yes, that's what that shaman had said. I wonder why all those years ago I had forgotten it. Sacred flesh. Divine rebirth. More like a candle flame that doesn't know when she will run out of wax.”

Original tribal name and title no longer relevant, she now goes by Ember-Echoes-Brightly, or simply Embers to those few friends that aren't as fleeting. A member of the far-reaching guild known as the Messengers, she is a mysterious and reserved creature who also possesses the exotic and bizarre talents of the psionic Elocater, masters of displacing objects and energy in time and space. Other than that, very little is known of her actual personality or what she hides behind her sad, beautiful mask.

By happenstance, she has found a kindred soul in an ancient gargoyle privateer named Dorofue, whom she has become as quietly devoted to as day is to night. She is an individual that feels as adrift and ethereal as the force of time that she manipulates, so she now follows him through voyages on his airship. This has gotten her wrapped up in more than a few world-shaking events, but even these have not quite cracked her apathy just yet. To do that, she still must rediscover herself and the elusive inner flame that she seems to have lost.

Story update: Last year she ended up resigning her post as a Messenger and is now a member of the up-and-coming group known simply as the Circle, which comprises some of the most competent, adventurous and wise individuals that Alteir has to offer.

Miscellaneous Other Character Info:

  • Setting: Alteir or "Thirteen Continents"
  • Various other skills and hobbies: accomplished dancer and flutist, collects magical items such as wands and scepters, even if the magic is depleted. Has a fascination with clockwork mechanisms and finds their movements entrancing (even uses a modified fob watch as her focus when using her abilities).
  • Inspiration: Tigers and moths (duh), especially sphinx moths. Design-wise, specifically Siberian tigers, the Oleander Hawk Moth and the Jersey Tiger moth. The ability to play the flute comes directly from me, since I can also play that instrument with some skill. A love of clockwork, Steampunk and the concept of psychoportation rounds out this list of inspiration.

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    You simply must draw more of her at some point. I'd like to work on this duo in a writing sense more at some point. I can imagine they'd make some great adventure-themed short stories.

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      Yes, to all of this actually. I have some vague ideas floating around in my head but they aren't substantial enough yet.

      YES. You should definitely write about these guys. We should get cracking on writing stories about Alteir in general.

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        Indeed, and you know I'd love to see your portrayal of that watch of hers too.

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          Mmm, yeah that'd be a fun thing to draw....