Sometimes you learn by being told what you already know. by Zyonji (critique requested)

Sometimes you learn by being told what you already know. (critique requested)


31 March 2019 at 14:35:00 MDT

The original goal for this painting was to explore what it means to be passionate about something. I wanted to find the things I care about, which are not dependent on having other people react to what I do. A painting made to my liking. The method I used to create this scene was to look through the work of other artists, while noting everything my eyes lingered on, to then find as many concepts that bring me joy as I could. The resulting image stands as a window into my mind.

At the center of this painting is the black dog contrasted by the white dress. Brass hoops restrain the figure and a dark rope suspends them in the air. The focus of this painting is the interaction of those elements and how, for example, the metal digs into the volume of the skirt fabric. Everything else was deliberately made to be revealed only after closer inspection. The hare’s foot is meant to call for such an investigation. An intricate pattern fills the space surrounding the character and is printed on the chest of the dress; both showing diverse details without repetition.

Having many things in the painting be virtually invisible without being hidden from sight is an expression of the theme I set out to explore. The things we like aren’t determined by exact rules, but every individual can still tell what they like. We know it when we see it. The knowledge of what we like is something that already exists, and yet we can learn more about it. Sometimes you can learn how to describe what you like, even though you always knew that you liked that when you saw it. That’s why I chose this title for this painting.

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