A great freedom lies in the ability to speak your truth. by Zyonji (critique requested)

A great freedom lies in the ability to speak your truth. (critique requested)


6 June 2019 at 14:42:56 MDT

This painting was originally made in an attempt to find a style that I could use to create something nice looking in a short time. For this purpose I chose to paint a red panda wearing a qi lolita dress, because the general idea of that resonated with what I like to paint in general. Only after I finished it 2018-12-02, I realized how much this painting revealed about myself, which then lead me to spend some more time on it. The current version was finished 2019-06-06.

I chose to have a red panda wear a dress in this painting, because I was interested if I could make that kind of clothing work on the anatomy of an animal and red pandas seemed a good option because they often stand on two legs, which means it’s easy to find good reference pictures. The dress itself was based on designs I found compelling and was changed to fit the anatomy of the red panda naturally and have colors that complement it as well.

I enjoy the creation of designs like this, because I dislike how mass produced modern fashion has no consideration for individuals. The clothes you wear let you communicate with the world, they let you tell others on sight, what kind of person you want to be and how you desire to partake in this world. Clothes in fashion may just express the size of your budget. That’s why I will keep painting animal characters wearing unique dresses designed just for them. I hope it will make others long for a wardrobe that speaks for them too.

If you enjoy reading my in depth thoughts on the paintings I created, I posted more of them on my patreon https://www.patreon.com/Zyonji recently and plan to do more as well. But this will likely be the only one of them I reupload, because I felt like the changes where big enough to not have it feel redundant. (:

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