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Wishes 2 pg. 27. END by Zummeng

Wishes 2 pg. 27. END


And here it is guys, the very last page for Wishes 2 :) I know there was a dog on the roof too, but let's just say he got mad and left because he had to do work with these two imbeciles :D

Anyway, another comic came to an end. I know the story for this one wasn't too much, but we really wanted to make a comic about their very first steps on the way to their new life. And we planned this as a very short and simple comic. This time we wanted something a bit more simple than Prophecy was.

But don't be sad if you think you'll miss them, because Shani and Darnell will return ;)

Every page will be published on my Patreon first, and only after 1 month will they be public.

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    Wholesome dog mayor is the best! I'm loving how this ended, and what comes next for them!

    Stardew Valley: Wishes edition? ;P

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    I hope they have a long and happy life and I fill myself with anxiety thinking someone's gonna come along looking for the ex-djinn and cause all kinds of drama.