Patreon Q&A - 2020 April by Zummeng

Patreon Q&A - 2020 April


6 May 2020 at 06:03:02 MDT

Here are the answers for the last Patreon Q&A, where my patrons could ask questions from Estella, Evie, or others from my comics :)

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    HaHaHa...! "Cookie she found under the sofa."

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    Alexander is so good to her!

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    Nothing wrong with big baggy dirt color shirts, there comfy lay in at home..

    yeah sorry alex thing milk he is wrong there,... reminds me too much my aunt doing same with whole dark chocolate bar week out its date.. literally threw it away infront of me into bin.
    i still cry over that dark chocolate bar .. what a waste and perfectly fine