Axiom Verge - 4K Wallpaper by Zummeng

Axiom Verge - 4K Wallpaper


29 January 2020 at 09:31:04 MST

I made this as a huge tribute for one of my favorite game. There's still not enough Axiom Verge related works! After seeing how big this picture was turning out, I decided to finish it as a wallpaper, because the thought itself could greatly inspire me :) Hope you'll enjoy it, and feel free to use it :)

And just a little side not: For weapon reference I used the picture of a printable 3D model I randomly found on the internet. I couldn't find any credits, but I just liked that design so much! So if you happen to know anyone who made a printable 3D model of that weapon, say thanks to him in my name ;)

To tell the truth, this picture started as a simple sketch, but with time it just turned into a full rendered picture. When I started working on this, I was going through a difficult emotional period. I just couldn't find my peace. Many things tortured my feelings, and working on this helped me a lot to pull through. (But drawing is always a therapy for me I guess.)
Maybe I could try explaining what I tried to express, or what I felt during the progress: The heavily oppressive feeling because of something unknown and terrifying, but it's still wonderful in it's own grotesque way. This is the main motive, but beside that I wanted to mix in other vibes as well, like hope and courage, that are represented by the protagonist in the middle. Even though the setting gives an uneasy feeling, I tried to make the expressions calm and kind. You know, like they were tell you that everything will be alright.

I feel much better today, and in addition, there's that satisfying feeling that I could finish such a big picture ^^ I do make full rendered pictures in general, but I'm not used to make them this big, and so detailed. Compared to my previous works, this is a new achievement for me. So yay I guess! :D It took me an enormous amount of time to finish it, and I often worked on it in small batches. (I think it took me more than a month to finish this picture.) It was easy to put down the sketch when inspiration attacked me. But as the time passed, the urge that this could end up something great grew stronger in me. I had hard times finding out the forms, shapes, and how much details would be enough. I constantly made experiments during the progress. I tried to choose everything as wisely as possible. I think a few things could have turned out better though. For example I'm not completely satisfied with the platform the protagonist is standing on. (Maybe using the style/terrain of one of the levels would have been a better choice, but I realized that too late. But oh well.)

Anyway, I hope you like it! :>

I'd like to do more Axiom Verge related things in the future. I hope I'll have the chance.

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    I think i heard that a sequel is in the works... i think...

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      Yes it is, and I think it'll come out this fall :)