Welcome to New Dawn pg. 0. by Zummeng

Welcome to New Dawn pg. 0.


16 March 2018 at 12:07:53 MDT

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After a long wait, and even more work and preparation, I'm happy to present the very first page (or rather cover page) of Estella's and Evie's origin comic, "Welcome to New Dawn" :)
This comic will target and adult audience, because it will have some rather dark themes (blood, violence, domestic violence...ect.) So expect some pretty heavy or shocking scenes.

The whole script is done with all of the dialogs, and I don't know yet how many pages this comic will be, but it won't be a short one, that's for sure :)
I hope you like it :)

Because of the goal of "story driven comics" is not reached yet on my Patreon, I won't be able to keep up the 1 page/week scedule, but I'll do my best to make as many pages as I can until the goal is reached :)

Every page will be published on my Patreon first, and only after 2 weeks will it be public.

If you want to help me to make more original contents, like comics and pictures, or if you are interrested in exclusive sketches, progressions, wips, PSD files, Q&As or monthly votes, Patreon exclusive streams and progress videos, and having access to all of my artworks 2 weeks before they get published, support me on Patreon! :)


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