Wishes pg. 30. END by Zummeng

Wishes pg. 30. END


9 January 2018 at 11:00:38 MST

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[UPDATE] The story of Wishes continues! :D You can read Wishes 2 here: https://www.weasyl.com/~zummeng/submissions/1875068/wishes-2-pg-0

[ORIGINAL] The time has arrived. Here’s the last page of Wishes :)

Before I leave this comic and fully move to anonther one, I just wanted to say a few things and impressions about my own work. I felt a learned I few things from this comic just like from the first one „Gift from the Water God”

Originally I wanted a very simple story that I can build on the mature content, even I knew it was a little clishe. One of the reason why I intended to keep the story that simple, is to make the erotic part much more varied and creative than it was in Water God. To be honest, I think I could achive that, but I think it was still a bit off here and there.
But this is where I learned another thing I did not realised in Water God. That uninterrupted, long eroitc scenes are boring both making and reading. So this is what I’m going to focus on my next big comic.
I’m going to make them more story oriented, much more cute and/or romantic, and I’m going to divide the erotic scenes even better.

It feels quite great to finish my second whole, complete erotic comic :) I hope with your help, I can make a lot more in the future ;) So thank you guys again for helping me do what I love doing. Without you, there wouldn’t be a single comic, but now I’m planning the third and the forth :D This is all thanks to you guys, you are awesome! :)

I hope you liked Wishes too, and I hope you’ll like what’s next to come :)

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    So sweet....

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    This was soooo sweet. I hope to see how they're doing in the future.

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    beautiful story.

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    Yes, I do like "Wishes". Looks like this couple have more stories to tell... if you ever "wish" to return to their lives.

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    Yay for learning! Hope you enjoy making more comics and art as much as everyone enjoys seeing your hard work

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    This comic already was a delight to read (cliché or not, I'm a sucker for sweet endings like this and find them sorely underrated!). I'll be sure to tune into your next project too, because your improvisation notes sound super promising! Thank you for this great work!

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      Thank you for all the kind words, I'm extremely happy to hear how much you liked my comic :) I hope you'll like my other projects too ^^

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        I'm certain that I will!

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    This was a sweet comic indeed, and I'm glad they have a happy ending (And had some very fun nookie along the way!)