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Villain Character Design by Zummeng

Villain Character Design


5 February 2017 at 07:25:26 MST

I’m fondling some characters for years now, and it’s a blast to draw them again, because I still remember, back then I sufferd a lot to make them look as I imagined them in my head. Today he was surprisingly easy to do him. I remember I couldn’t do the goat skull as I wanted, often it took me a whole day.

I belive I came up with this character 8 years ago. I wasn’t too skillful back then, and I suffered a lot with some drawings. Sometimes I even puted aside a few characters for years, and started working on them when I felt I practiced enough to be able to draw them the way I wanted. This is what happend with this character too, and I just started to work on him again. And now I can safely say, he finally looks like I imagined him. It was worth waiting and practicing things. I was so curious how he would look today.

His has no name yet, I’m still working on it. He had one back then, but I don’t like it anymore.

He would be the main antagonist in one of my personal stories, whom againts the protagonists have to fight. The world would be a kind of fantasy, furry, with some alien-like characters.

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    Nice to see you on Weasyl... also nice when what you see in your head comes out on paper. Or whatever medium you use.

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    Such a fascinating design! :D I've always enjoyed "Skull faced" characters. The fact his eyes are expressive too is really fun :D