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Inktober-Bonnie the Bunny by Zorayda

Inktober-Bonnie the Bunny


9 October 2015 at 01:02:13 MDT

Bonnie the bunny from Five Nights at Freddy’s for today’s Inktober!

Okay, real talk, Bonnie scares the crap out of me. Even when researching good references, I got scared by soundless jumpscare GIFs of him ;_; I just find him the creepiest out of all the animatronics, I don’t know why! Maybe it’s the lack of eyebrows. Or his guitar playing skills.


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    Wicked! That's a lot of detail you managed to into these. The shading style works great for a creepy character too.

    I personally find the first Chica the creepiest. Just something about that deteriorated shade of yellow.

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      Aw thanks a lot! And yeah, first Chica was creepiest Chica. I think it was something about the eyes and beak/teeth... blugh.

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    He is by far one of the most persistent and scariest of the three. Hated him throughout the games.

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      I know, he's so aggressive ;_; Thanks for the watch, fave, and comment btw! <3

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        Yeah he is I thought Foxy would be the one to watch out for more. Of course! <3

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    This is really cool