old price sheet (outdated) by zippypuzzles

old price sheet (outdated)


27 May 2016 at 22:24:02 MDT

I can take traditional commissions as well, please ask for more examples. Prices are in a similar range as their digital equivalent, but shipping costs extra.

I also take writing commissions, some examples on tumblr $5 for the first 1000 words or ½ cent a word, up to $25, for up to 5000 words.

Yes, I do ref sheets, a standard sheet is 1 full body, 1 cheeb backview, 1 cheeb outfit, color pallette with eye, mouth, and pawpad details, and 3 expression headshots of your choice. These cost $20, but I can also do à la carte style, please ask to discuss options and prices.

Please also check my ToS, by commissioning me you are agreeing to these terms so do read it.

My current Queue

Comment here or send me a message if you're interested or have any questions. I accept commissions via queue, if my active queue (usually 2-3 slots) is full I put people in order of request into a waiting queue to be messaged when a spot opens up. No payment until I've worked through my commissions to your spot, more info is in the ToS.

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