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Hello all you peeps on my page :D

I can be a talkative lion sometimes which may lead me to being annoying, if I do that I do apologize :3

But feel free to send me a note/private message anyone ^^ I love getting messages it makes me feel loved and leads to friendship!

Leave a shout if ya like :3

So about me.

Dancing. I very much enjoy dancing! It makes my heart smile and I'll continue to until my body says otherwise ^^ (maybe I'll start making videos for the new year? Maybe.)

Music. I love music, all types really (except Opera >.<) but my favorite consist of dubstep, house, techno, and all things with a beat worth shaking my rear to.

Cars. I'm not 100% car smart but boy do I love cars. I currently have a 1998 Chevy Camaro but soon I should be getting a 2012 Mazdaspeed3. My favorite car is a Toyota Supra and I don't exactly hate on any vehicle owner, as long as they treat it right :D

Animals. Guess that's kinda what lead to me being a furry huh? If it's not obvious yet, I'm a lion fur! And we go roar ^_^ I have thought about having another sona which would probably be a husky, but I realized that deep down, that just won't work for me.

I do have a skype and I love chats so if you'd like, you can add me :3 Just note me first ^^




Joined 28 December 2013

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    thanks for the watch liiiion :3
    I don't draw so well though so it might be a while before I upload anything

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      Thats fine, figured I'd give ya a watch anyways :3

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        heh thanks for your faith in my ability to do anything worthy XD it is a big encouragement to know someone is willing to look at things I make <3

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          Your welcome x3 and hey its not all about the art right? Friendship could happen! xD

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            That would be great xD I've been to sites where people seemed to care more about the quality than concept, not sure how it is here but I'll try my best

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              I've noticed my art doesn't get as much attention on this site as furaffinity gets.. its still not bad though I'm enjoying it so far

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    I lurv your fluff <3

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    Hey handsome :3 Thank you for the follow <3