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Zin's New Wacom Mobilestudio Pro - Cathrine by Zin Stone

Zin's New Wacom Mobilestudio Pro - Cathrine

Zin Stone

I had to show off my new baby. ;w; She's so pretty, and I love her so much.
Replaced my old Surface, whom I was getting more and more frustrated with (Microsoft sucks at everything)
Her name is Cathrine, or Cat for short, and she is the most perfect thing. I highly reccomend if you're ever in the market for a full computer tablet!

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.


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    Sorry to ask, but how much did you pay for it and where did you buy it?

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      I myself prefer secondhand tech, so I bought it off ebay from a lovely person and it cost me $1600. :)

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    That does look really cool! Wacom is a great drawing-tablet company, so I bet it’s a pretty quality device! :)

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      Oh ye, is very sturdy and nice feeling for sure, quite happy with it! ^^

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        I would love to have something like this one day........I'm not good at drawing lines with a traditional tablet, but maybe if I were drawing on a screen I'd be better at it. chuckle Right now, I mostly still hand-draw and then import my lines to color digitally--my digital linework is just THAT BAD. XD

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          They do make some fairly cheap-ish screen tablets that require an external computer, but it's basically the same as this, just requires a desktop or laptop to attach to. So those are def an option for people that don't care about being mobile. I'm just obsessed with being on the go a lot. lol So this one was the best option for me! :3

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            I’ll definitely have to look into that, maybe after I upgrade my computer system! Thanks! :D