X-Ray Badge Commission Example by Zikaur

X-Ray Badge Commission Example


25 March 2015 at 10:27:48 MDT

A new badge idea I came up with recently, looking at some old x-rays of animals. I´ve always loved the look of x-rays and am fascinated by the skeletal formation of all different species.

So, one thing lead to another and this badge was born.

I´ve used my own character, Zikaur Dikura, as an example of what it would look like. I´ve gone for a mixture of human and dog skeletons to best work out what her insides would look like.

The Cost Of Getting Your Own

I will be offering two different styles of these badges. I´ll be offering a head-shot, which will be from the shoulders up. And a full body like depicted here.

  • Headshot : 20 Euros
  • Full Body : 40/50 Euros (depends on the amount of detail such as wings, horns, tails, extra arms etc.)

What Will You Get

With both styles you will be given:

  • A fully rendered image at high resolution and large size.
  • A smaller version ready for printing and laminating. (Unless you prefer to change the size yourself, I will then provide you with the original .sai file, the .psd file and the finished .png)
  • Optional print and laminating service by myself, at extra cost. (You pay for shipping and handling)

Ready To Get One?

To acquire such a lovely badge for yourself, you´ll simply have to fill in this form - Special Commissions Form and follow the instructions on it. I will automatically receive your request and will contact you if I have any questions. If I have no questions, then you´ll receive an invoice within the next couple of days.

I offer weekly slots which you can reserve to have the image made as you´re watching.
You can find the slots that are open, and all the information needed, right here -> http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5998437/ <-

Feel free to also let me know which slot you´d like to reserve, if you so desire.

Submission Information

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